Trying on Juanita Jean’s

I promised myself a while back that once Green Mountain Daily had completed its makeover, I would share a delightful discovery with our readers:

 Juanita Jean’s: The World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon

Juanita Jean’s is a progressive Texan blog site that gives conclusive proof that not only are there actual liberals living in latter day Texas, but they’re way funnier than Vermont liberals.

I have our own local shaminal, Norm McAllister, to thank for this discovery; because I found it in a Google search for any mention of that accused sex-offender, way back last summer.

Since then, I have visited Juanita Jeans’ almost daily, just to cheer me up.

Think of all the times you’ve heard some right-wing Texas nut job talk about seceding from the Union.

If you, like me, have found yourself ruefully wishing for the same, Juanita Jeans’ may give you second thoughts.

The best comedy always comes from the edge of absurdity, and Texas liberals have that in spades!

Case in point: Fun With Guns: What Was You Thinking Edition

If the folks who have survived drought, tornadoes and  Tom Delay still have their sense of humor, maybe we smug Vermont liberals could spare a few more laughs.

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