Secretary Condos’ Third Transparency Tour is on the road

Republican gubernatorial hopeful, Bruce Lisman likes to style himself a big proponent of transparency in government, but well before Lisman fledged in the Vermont political sphere (rather UN-transparently as a ‘non-partisan’) Secretary of State Jim Condos (D) had that advocacy niche all sewn-up.

Condos is now midway through his third Statewide Transparency Tour, in which he brings the principles of open government right to the local public officers who are charged with upholding those principals and the citizens who depend on them to do so.

Being a veteran attendee of two of these tours, I can tell you that the subject never grows old for me, and there continues to be a pressing need, at least in my county, to revisit the subject over and over again. ‘Wish that weren’t so, but there it is.

To quote Secretary Condos:

“Good government is open and transparent government! The tour will not only allow me to assist Vermont’s public officials who must abide by these open meeting and public record laws every day, but also explain these laws to citizens who are looking to hold their governments accountable.”

There is an opportunity for questions, and answers and for public discussion. Ever questioned the decision-making process in your town? This is your opportunity to speak up.

I hope we’ll see more elected officials in attendance this time around.

If you haven’t had a chance to hear Condos on one of his transparency tours, I urge you to take advantage of the remaining opportunities in the current schedule:

(All events run from 6-8 PM)

Tues. Nov. 3 at the St. Albans Town Hall at 579 Lake Rd.

Wed. Nov. 4 at the Stowe Free Library, 90 Pond St.

Mon. Nov. 9 at the Brattleboro Town Hall, Selectboard Meet. Rm, 230 Main St.

Tues. Nov. 10 at the St. Johnsbury Middle School Auditorium, 257 Western Ave.

Thurs. Nov. 12   Lisley Public Library, Community Room, 43 Portland St. Midlebury

Mon. Nov. 16 at the Bennington Fire Facility, 130 River St.

Tues. Nov. 17 at the Rutland Free Library, Fox Room, 10 Court St.

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One thought on “Secretary Condos’ Third Transparency Tour is on the road

  1. Condos is the real deal. He has delivered on IT changes for business and election functions. He’s a champion of better government and voter access. We could use a lot more of what Jim Condos brings to the table!

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