GMD 2.0 – a message from ye olde Founder

Your GMD founder

Welcome to (kinda-almost) GMD Mark II. A few quick things to note before I not-quite-completely disappear (more on that in a sec).

First of all – why the change? No choice in the matter, as it turns out. The “Soapblox” network (more or less synonymous with the “50 state blog project”) is no more. The JSP platform that all the sites like GMD were built on has been folded up. In truth, it hadn’t been supported for some time (and is out of date, technologically), so this was a surprise to no one. All the different sites have transitioned to different platforms, most of them – like this one – to a WordPress host.

Where are the reader diaries? They’re coming, but its buggy. WordPress isn’t set up to do things the same way, but there is a version of user diaries that will appear soon (as in, days not weeks).

Is anything else about the site changing? Yes – something big. GMD was founded as a Democratic Party based website. As of now, we have officially completed the transition to a non-partisan, broadly left-leaning/li’l-p progressive site.

What are “Green Mountain Grit” and the “Mojometers” on the sidebar… and waddayamean “we?” Yeah, well… I left GMD due to its partisan nature, as I saw that as a conflict. Now that it’s not partisan, I’ll be lurking around the edges in my own corners, so as not to detract from the good work and new identity the current crop of contributors have created. GMG and MMs will be my personal sandbox where I can drop in and do some parody, and comment on the electioneering of the gubernatorial candidates, respectively. The former is just fun, and the latter sort of non-partisan critique and analysis is always what I had the most fun with anyway. Expect weekly contributions in each.

4 thoughts on “GMD 2.0 – a message from ye olde Founder

      1. Yes, both are high flying ego heavies but Galbraith unlike Lisman has actually, you now been elected and held public office before seeking the top job in the state.

        Seems it wasn’t that long ago Galbraith gave up his state senate seat to take on a private role in support of Kurdish oil revenue issues involving the ongoing conflicts in Syrian and Iraqi or some such thing.

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