While waiting for the debut of the new and improved GMD here are some recent poll results on the crowded GOP presidential race.

The common advice is to mostly ignore polling this early, but who would have predicted Trump’s success at the wheel of the GOP clown car. According to those questioned in an Economist/YouGov poll, Trump is now seen by those who call themselves Republican as having a positive impact on the race.


Results also show The Donald is now considered a credible candidate and possible general election winner.

And this week the more politically experienced Republicans, like former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, are even further back.


Alas poor Jeb!,the smart Bush.It was a bad summer for him and now he has to face the fall.

5 thoughts on “Tttttrump!

  1. What is about the rightwing that attracts the gallery of wingnutttery? Palin has been newly relegitimized, and rumored to be on the short list (of one) for Trumps’ energy secretary with election over a year away. He apparently sees what others see — her ability to bring hordes of dummies who vote and who stupidly want someone “just like them” in office — credentials notwithstanding. And equally as dumb. Aaagghh! (Imus scream)

    In actuality I believe Trump was placed by the Clinton Machine to disrupt the right and sidestomp Bush which I believe will do well even with all the bozos in the bunch. And, when it’s all said & done he will go rogue claiming some real or imagined slight. How can that gasbag w/the vocabulary of a third grader be so popular? And the BLM staged-surrogates stomping on Bernie also has an eerily gauzy Clintonian appearance and feel. Her appearing to be ‘in control’ while finger-pointing and nearly yelling at BLMers was the giveaway as clearly attempting to present Bernie as unable to quell them.

    Kill and Killary couldn’t play a straight hand to save their life as evidenced by the email debacle including the breathtaking display of how little regard s/he has for the decorum and dignity of any office s/he find themselves holding – Huma has been connected to the radicalized and look at all she knows as well as her access.

    Every time her entourage of supporters arrive on cable news sets armed with predictable bs they then are left wiping egg off face. The pattern of wash, rinse, spin is got old real quick and we’re now into the summer reruns. And poor Joe is getting dragged in as ‘understudy’ since the coronation is doubtful and I personally do not think she’ll make it.

    Why is Kill rarely seen on the trail? B/c he’s running for a third term and the two-for-one threat, er, promise would be oh-so striking.

    School on a Saturday – no class.

  2. about Ivanas’ (now there’s some class) rape allegations during divorce proceedings Trumps tyrranical threats should have made anyone worry about him in the WH.

    Christie another egomaniac – they make Jeb look like a Rockwell-style nice little boyscout.

    Fortunately the delegates and super delegates will keep him out and that’s when I believe he’ll erupt and thirdparty it.

    I laughed when Palin appeared on the horizon. Laugh turned to horror that she could so easily be a mere banana peel from Potus. I think I heard a collective eek. What’s happened to everyone – water? Weed? Alot of really stupid ppl dumber than dogsjit having lots of kids??? They make me feel downright smart. Brain gets drained just looking at them.

    Romney and his cloned baseball team of boys another scare. That Mormon reality series on Discovery a freakshow of what we could expect  – olygamy going mainstream scared the bejezus out of me.

    Carson another stunner. Really like the guy but for potus??? People seem to want authenticity but fail to ask authentic-what – morons?

  3. Well Trumpter doesn’t pull the ‘sexist’ card at the drop of a hat, so there’s that.

    Hilary could use a little of the Trump spontaneity.

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