Change–THIS!!! (Sanders Needs Vt. Dem Endorsements, And OUR HELP!

It is outrageous and SHAMEFUL that Shumlin and other Vermont Dems have endorsed and are supporting Hillary Clinton!

Sanders is now within 7 points of Clinton in IOWA!  IOWA–A CAUCUS state!

Not only has Bernie straightened out his act with Black Lives Matter, but he has been speaking about how the same old same old ‘establishment’ politics are no longer relevant to the needs of THE PEOPLE because ‘establishment’ politicians and Congresspeople are in the pockets of the Rich and the Corporate Reich, and, that when we elect them, they act in the interests of those who would turn this nation into a Corporate Fascist State.  

He’s been saying in his speeches that The People need to exercise their POWER.  He’s right!  The People not only need to applaud and cheer for Bernie, The people need to SPEAK OUT along with him, to show that they are fed-up with and reject more BETRAYAL from the ‘establishment’ political system–that, as far as The People go, this system essentially is ‘broke’ and needs fixing.

So, I’m going to endorse Bernie, and try to DO SOMETHING TO HELP!

First off, I urge all Vermonters to contact the Vt. Dems I am listing below and DEMAND that, since this state is overwhelmingly for Bernie, that THEY repudiate any endorsements and support of Clinton and endorse and support Sanders.  Here are some numbers to call, folks:

Gov. Shumlin–828-3333

Peter Welch–802-652-2450, or 888-605-7270

Pat Leahy–802-863-2525, 0r 800-642-3193

The Vermont Democratic Party–802-229-1783

I also urge people to call your local radio stations, write or email Letters To The Editor, Vigil (You already know how to do that), DEMONSTRATE and MARCH and RALLY, call the TV stations and VPR, hand out flyers–which I will make out of this post, and you can also–and SPEAK OUT!

Bernie Sanders is only one man.  And he’s not Jesus Christ.  He cannot do it by himself, nor should we count on a ‘savior’ to do everything for us.  We have to get off our asses and SPEAK OUT!  Next year’s election gives us a chance to have IMPACT.  Even if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, we will have begun to work on breaking down a system that is DESTROYING THIS NATION!

So, please people, especially YOU FRONT PAGERS here at Green Mountain Daily, it’s past time we speak out as Vermonters to show the rest of The People throughout the country what The People CAN DO!

Here’s Sanders out there saying what most of us feel, and here we are, SITTING BACK ON OUR LAZY ASSES WATCHING!  Get the emails of those folks above, and the emails of the papers, TV stations, etc.  Call them AND write them!  NOW is the time, NOT next year.  And it isn’t that hard to do.

It would be a hoot-in-Hell if Sanders won Iowa AND New Hampshire.  And wouldn’t our Little Dems here look awfully foolish?  Not to mention venile.

And think how foolish we would feel if we just sat back and let Sanders do it all by himself.  People all over the country would be saying:  “What’s the matter with those Vermonters?  Are they STUPID or just plain LAZY?  Or BOTH?

I’m Peter Buknatski and I approve this message.

Peter Buknatski

Montpelier, Vt.

One thought on “Change–THIS!!! (Sanders Needs Vt. Dem Endorsements, And OUR HELP!

  1. hope that IOWA and NH came around to the light may just be happening.  it is indeed a shame that so many of our folks in “power” are standing behind stagnation and the continuation of corporatization.  

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