BIG Changes Coming to GMD!

You may have noticed over the past month that GMD has been unusually inactive.  That’s because our energies have been concentrated on a transition that will bring you an exciting new Green Mountain Daily; hopefully, within the next few weeks.

The 2016 election is already shaping into a unique and transformative contest, both statewide and on the national front.   What happens over the next fifteen months will tell us much about what kind of political future we face in the coming decade.

We want GMD to be ready for the challenges of that future, so our admin elves are hard at work on an ‘upgrade.’

Please excuse us while we take this little break; and stay tuned.  We will return better than ever!

13 thoughts on “BIG Changes Coming to GMD!

  1. You don’t want to have the ‘most boring’ blog in an election year.  I would also suggest you try to ‘recruit’ some folks who have ‘eclectic’ political views like me.  I miss Wdh3 and stardust and Katrinka, not to mention Dave Van Deuson, the Workers Center, Rosemarie Jackowski and crazy Ed Garcia.

    Donald Trump is the ROSS PEROT of 2016, while Bernie is the Gene McCarthy.  I think Hillary is paying Trump to be an asshole–he has certainly made the whole Republican field look like assholes along with him.  Hillary can pay–she’s corrupt, and no doubt has a stash from ‘insider trading’ or whatever.  Perhaps she also promised Trump something when she becomes President.

    Meanwhile Bill will be the boy to spread the ‘dirt’ and lies about Bernie, the same way he operated for his wife in 2008 against Obama.

    Now, as far as the State elections go–YAWN.  Although it looks like maybe Sue Minter will jump in–lots better than Deb Markowitz.  And, God help us, please let Bill Sorrell retire.  He should–before he is indicted.

  2. How’s come I get a failure notice every time in the last 2 months that I’ve tried to email a post?  What’s up?  Can you fix it?

  3. Um, why?  I seriously doubt that the Marketing Department decrees make any difference to youse guys.  What’s the purpose of this change?

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