Auditor Hoffer Gets Peer Review Seal of Approval

We remark on the efficacy of his stewardship in the Auditor’s Office, over and over again, here on GMD, but it must certainly be gratifying for Doug Hoffer  to receive high marks from the National State Auditors Association’s External Peer Review Team.

As is most fitting to the rigorous standards one expects from such a body, state auditor’s offices are subjected to this review once every three years.

This being the second review of our state auditor’s office conducted since it transitioned to doing performance reviews, it is the first that surveyed work entirely done under Auditor Hoffer’s supervision.

The review assesses staff’s familiarity with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards; looks at the office’s Professional Standards Manual to ensure that it reflects those aforementioned Standards; and takes a look at some audits performed by the office over the previous three years in order to determine how well those Federal and State Standards have been applied.

For this review period the audits sampled were those that looked at Correctional Health Care (October 2014), the Sex Offender Registry (July 2014), the Liquor Control System (November, 2014), and the State Energy Plan (March, 2015).

Says Hoffer:

“I am proud of the quality of work this office produces” Auditor Hoffer said. “I have an extremely talented team who deserve credit for the high marks on this latest peer review, and I have no doubt that we will continue to maintain this rating following the highest professional standards as we work to hold government accountable.”

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