Newsflash: Evil Triumphs Over Good…Again.

I turned on the news yesterday morning in delicious anticipation of the furor that was bound to run through the pack of Republican presidential contenders in the aftermath of Pope Francis’ much anticipated encyclical on climate change.

Instead, I discovered that, once again, America’s attention had been hijacked by a bloodbath.

Only in gun-happy, “post-racial”  America could a domestic act of mass-murder be so egregious and yet so entirely without contextual meaning as to completely overshadow what could be considered the most historic demonstration of ethical leadership by a sitting pope in history.

As the environmental community was poised to watch the fireworks from Francis’s ground-breaking pronouncement, a callous kid who appears to have never done a useful thing in his entire life, chose that particular moment to exercise his “constitutionally protected” right to bear arms in deadly conjunction with his “constitutionally protected” right to free speech, no matter how hateful; thereby mowing down nine of the most socially valuable people he could possibly have found in a single room.

Of course, that is all that we can now talk about in this country.

We’re not ready to have a grown-up conversation about anything, it would seem, having relinquished all power of attention to the violent offender of the moment.

And that is precisely why we keep getting more and more selfish, evil demon spoor like Dylan- whatever-his-name is.  I refuse to look it up on Google.

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10 thoughts on “Newsflash: Evil Triumphs Over Good…Again.

  1. It’s about killing Black People.  Cops do it.  Now kids are doing it.  It’s about racism, or some bizarre backlash about having a Black President.  And, if we didn’t have a Black President, I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that Blacks would be out in the streets in FORCE–bigger than Baltimore.  It’s as if Whitey says:  “Yeah, I can get away with this cause that N-Word in the White House would get attacked by all kinds of Republicans if he reacts the way he wants to react as a Black Person.”

    I miss the Black Panthers.  Huey Newton would know how to react to this latest atrocity.  So would Eldridge Cleaver and the Black Liberation Army.

    And you can bet money that if Black Radicals went out today and started shooting Cops and random Whiteys, the Republicans would blame THAT on Obama, while calling for Cops, the FBI, and Homeland to go on a campaign approaching genocide.

    The GUN is the TOOL that’s being used here, not the  perpetrator.  So, I’d be all right with a little ‘retaliation’ from Blacks using that tool.

    Mark my words, if this shit goes on with a Whitey in the White House in 2017, you’re going to see a return to the early 70s.  I don’t think Black People will put up with any more of this shit.  And we should all support whatever their reactions are.

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