Randy Brock to the (Way Too Soon) Rescue?

Custom would have it that in the event of a death or resignation of a sitting legislator, the Governor would appoint someone from the same party-often at the recommendation of local party leaders. Usually the party leaders would give three names to the Governor to consider. Sara Branon Kittell was appointed under such circumstances in 1995 by then Governor Howard Dean.

The fact that former Senator Randy Brock has been tapped by the Franklin County Republicans as their sole nominee to fill Norm McAllister’s seat is disappointing. McAllister isn’t in poor health, and he didn’t die. He’s resigning in disgrace. Recommending a former challenger to the Governor- and no one else- seems like an intentional political play at a time when Franklin County is reeling from the scandal of the allegations against Senator McAllister.

Governor Douglas ignored the Grand Isle Democrats recommendations and appointed Bob Krebs to the seat held by the late Ira Trombley, and he’s been a capable legislator. The Governor can appoint whomever he chooses. Perhaps the Franklin County Republicans could take a pause from their own political calculations and consider that Randy Brock would be a pretty tough pill for the Governor to swallow. Is there no one else in the county who has integrity and enough experience to represent us in the Senate next year?

The details of the allegations against McAllister have cast a pall on our community, and Franklin County needs to have representation in the Senate that can move us beyond this scandal into the future that we all deserve. That the local GOP is trying to make a difficult job impossible for the Governor after turning a blind eye to years of inappropriate behavior by their resigning Senator is just sad.  

About Mike McCarthy

I'm a guitar-playing Democrat living in Saint Albans, VT with my wife Steph and my daughter Molly. I represented Saint Albans in the VT House in 2013-2014. I care about good government, and a safe, healthier world for all of us. I work for an awesome solar company and love helping Vermonters re-power our communities.

3 thoughts on “Randy Brock to the (Way Too Soon) Rescue?

  1. You make an excellent point about the circumstances of McAllister’s resignation challenging any deference to ‘tradition.’

    If it really isn’t on to appoint a Democrat… how about a Prog?  I think Cindy Weed would be happy to step in.

  2. Normally a political party will respond to a vacancy by holding a warned meeting and then opening the floor to recommendations. The party will then recommend one or several candidates, and the Governor will appoint somebody of his choosing. In this case the seat isn’t even vacant yet, and the legislative session will be over before any new appointment can be made. There is plenty of time for the county party to get together in a warned meeting and hash out all the available options, and time for interested candidates to seek the support of the party.

    It’s premature to be making any official recommendations. And, any republican (or non-republican) can contact the Governor and ask to be considered even without party support.

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