Breaking–Jap Prime Minister Implies Cosby Responsible For RAPE OF NANKING

Jap Prime Minister Abe, in a speech in Ferguson, California, said that:  “Comparing things to Baltimore and Bill Cosby, I would say Japanese actions in Nanking in 1937 and the so-called Bataan Death March are basically cases of a few individuals under stress.  Your police are now reacting to threats from your black people much the same as our glorious Imperial Army had to react to threats from Chinese women terrorists in Nanking, and those American and Filipino soldiers in Bataan?…well, we were trying to get them quickly to camps before your B-17s from Australia bombed the whole column.  They just weren’t marching fast enough.  No discipline.  But we saved as many as we could.  Look it up.  But not in Japan.  We’re so peaceful, we don’t carry war books in our libraries.”

When Abe was asked about whether Japanese agents were responsible for driving author Iris Chang to suicide in 2004, by repeatedly harassing her on her book and lecture tours, or if, in fact, Japanese agents actually staged her suicide, Abe replied:  “No, no, no.  Bill Cosby was responsible for Iris Chang.  He ravished her while she was in a drunken depressed state.  Look it up.  Hasn’t that come out yet?  It will.  Don’t forget, you Americans Atom-Bombed us.  Twice.  That’s a lot worse than, say, 25 million Chinese deaths and a few American POWs and a bunch of Chinese and Korean Dragon Lady terrorists trying to give the entire Japanese Imperial Army VD.*

“Now,ask me about how much more of your National Debt you want Japan to invest in,”  Abe said.  “And who’s that old geezer back there with the BATAAN DEATH MARCH SURVIVOR T-Shirt?  Perhaps one of those who kept falling down and holding up the march?  When people in Japan fall down, they do the honorable thing.  It’s call Seppuku.  When we take over America after calling in your debt, we will be honored to teach you about honor.”

*(I HATE the Japs–Still truly the world’s most EVIL PEOPLE)

Peter Buknatski

Montpelier, Vt.

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