Update–Sorrell IS Going To Be Investigated!

(Now, Today’s Seven Days Fair Game column has even more on Sorrell’s high-rolling campaign fundraising (as Conficts Of Interest).  READ IT, Little DEMS!  And Shumlin is going to appoint a special counsel to investigate the corrupt little SOB.  FINALLY!  Your Gov decided, I guess, that he couldn’t avoid all the questions Seven Days has brought up, not in his position now of being highly unpopular himself.  We shall see.  Hopefully, not a whitewash.  I’m very pleased, however.  Now, I hope they consider that all Sorrell’s highrolling out-of-state campaign fundraising could be linked to the HEROIN problem that has grown in Vermont under his watch.  An AG who spends so much time going on out-of-state junkets to connect with campaign donors obviously is not too concerned about REAL CRIME right here in Vermont.  Hell, he’s too busy committing crime himself.  Thank you Paul Heintz and Seven Days!  And WHAT, if anything, do you little Dems have to say?  You’ve been so quiet these last five weeks, except for Jack sort of ‘apologizing’ for Sorrell.  What?  Need the corrupt AG to be a Republican?  Maybe Sorrell should switch parties.  Maybe soon, we’ll wind up with a Republican Ag.)

Last week’s post:

Today’s Seven Days (April 22) goes after Sorrell on three fronts.  Paul Heintz again in Fair Game (4 weeks in a row, way to go, Paul!).  An editorial piece.  And me, just your average Vermont citizen calling in my Letter To The Editor for a U.S. Justice department investigation of Sorrell.  (call Eugenia Cowles, U.S. Attorney in Burlington)

Now, according to Seven Days, and Sorrell himself, there is no way Sorrell is going to be investigated by an independent counsel in Vermont about his conflicts of interest as regards his own campaign financing.  (However, Dean Corren–that was a ‘righteous’ investigation)  And there is no other state department that has authority to investigate him.  Sorrell, it seems, can only be investigated by himself–the Vermont AG’s office.  And he isn’t going to do that.  Nor, as he says, “waste taxpayer money” on an independent counsel investigation of the amount of his campaign contributions over the years and how he got them.  It’s all right to waste 5 month’s of AG office time and expenses to squeeze Corren for $72,000.  5 months of AG office time and expenses?  How much do you think was spent?  More than $72,000, I’d wager.  While Shumlin is cutting state benefits, threatening state worker layoffs, and trying to eliminate the tax deductions for small charitable donations.  (Apparently we will see only the RICH, who can donate $5000 or more getting the tax break here.  Once again, tax breaks for the Rich.)

Speaking of RICH, Shumlin, who’s empowered to appoint a independent counsel over Sorrell’s head, says he’s too busy with his ‘legislative agenda’. (screwing the poor, the working poor, the working class, and any one else who’s not able to fork over $5000 to him or Sorrell)  These guys are really getting a lock on old fashioned Southern State corruption and lawbending.  Where are the Dukes Of Hazard when ya need ’em?

I, myself, called for a U.S. Justice department investigation of Sorrell focusing on the Heroin pipeline through Vermont that has come to pass under his tenure.  Also, Human Trafficking.  The Drug and Slave cartels must know Vermont is safe passage.   Perhaps they also donate to his on-going re-election.

Huey Long and J. Edgar Hoover.  What a pair.  But Sorrell is going to go down first, I believe.  He’s already digging his hole with his replies to the questions being asked, and Shumlin is not going to stick his neck out for him, not in his current position.

So, the HEAT must be kept up on Sorrell, now that the fires have been lit.  He’s really bad news.  He always liked to say he couldn’t do anything to help immigrant workers get their last paychecks upon being deported because it was federal.

Well, Bill, you corruption of law and justice, I think you’re federal now.  Twist, you bastard!  And keep it up, Seven Days.

I’m Peter Buknatski and I approve this message.

Montpelier, Vt.


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