He Runs, She Runs and How We Talk About It

Hillary Clinton is running for President and what are we talking about? Twitter lights up about how old she looks. Democrats and Republicans alike delight at criticizing her logo.

God forbid we talk about where Hillary Clinton stands on issues that matter- income inequality, marriage equality, or foreign policy. Why not talk about how she has more diplomatic, political and personal experience than the entire Republican field put together. We could even talk about how she’s probably going to be much more capable of advancing a legislative agenda in a grid-locked Washington than the Obama administration could.

Instead we’re talking about a logo. We’re talking about her email. Are we talking about her differently than the boys on the other side?

You bet we are:

WPTZ @WPTZ  ·  4h 4 hours ago

He’s in: Marco Rubio announces WH bid http://on.wptz.com/1CQLCtV

WPTZ @WPTZ  ·  6h 6 hours ago

Why everybody’s talking about Hillary Clinton’s new logo http://bit.ly/1H0UIKv  

He’s in, but she’s got a logo problem. It’s not just the usual mediocrity and stereotyping we’ve come to expect from networks- local Democrats are reinforcing, retweeting and buying into the tropes and lines that could come to define the next year of our political discourse.

Please, my fellow Democrats and all of those who care about things that matter: Let’s resolve to resist the temptation to get involved in the Hillary-bashing. I don’t like the logo either, but this election has to be more about substance than style. Otherwise I don’t think I’ll be able to take it.  

About Mike McCarthy

I'm a guitar-playing Democrat living in Saint Albans, VT with my wife Steph and my daughter Molly. I represented Saint Albans in the VT House in 2013-2014. I care about good government, and a safe, healthier world for all of us. I work for an awesome solar company and love helping Vermonters re-power our communities.

4 thoughts on “He Runs, She Runs and How We Talk About It

  1. No one’s ever managed to get anything of substance on Hilary Clinton, and they’ve worn out all those tired Bengazi talking points.  No one ever bought those except Republicans who were determined to find fault with the entire administration.

    The email scandal?  Another tempest in a teapot….as if we ever get the full story from anyone in Washington.

    She just didn’t bother with a lot of arcane subterfuge and went straight to a private email account…which was in fact, quite legal at the time.

    After all the Clintons went through over the past twenty year,  I was far from surprised that she might try to protect her email from future exploitation.

    If the meme is going to be “you can’t trust a Clinton,” the Republicans will lose that argument, big time.  

    I may not have liked everything that Bill did when he was in office, but it was the Bush administration that fabricated an excuse to get Americans to fight on behalf of the oil industry for the next twenty years.

  2. Mike, it’s guys like you who notice and call attention to issues like this that give me a modicum of hope for the futre.



    I believe that it is absolutely imperative that the Democratic Party come back to power, but it must come back with the right leader … [and] when you have chosen your leaders, then to back them, then to go in and work.  … It is work, and some of it is dull work, but you must be ready to go in and work because that is the way that parties win victories at election time. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

  3. I want my daughter to grow up in a world in which she is evaluated on her character and experience more than her style and looks. We can all hope, right?

  4.  – male or female – who uses an ugly unimaginative replica of a hospital sign we see in any hospital town in America (unless they’re a doctor with a gift for irony) to represent what they stand for, for their logo deserves a little head-shaking wtf. And no, not a Rubio fan either but if it were him he too would be the recipient of the wtf and rightly so.

    Apparently the Hill doesn’t feel she needs to do much but await the coronation I hope a dark-horse Dem shakes things up and adds a little life to the left.

    I do not care if someone is male or female we need a great leader more than merely to ‘break the glass ceiling’ after the ruination caused by both Bush then continued by Obama to lead us out of the havoc they both have wreaked. If it’s a woman that can give our nation both – wonderful.

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