It’s all true

NSA files leaked to GMD prove that everyone has been right about everything all along.

Secret world government authorities have been distributing airborne vaccines with thimeserol through chemtrails. These chemtrails are carefully plotted in relation to ridgeline wind turbines for maximum spread. The purpose, according to whistleblowers, is to infect Americans with adult-onset autism, which will allow the pharma-wind-military industrial complex to send black helicopters to confiscate all the guns, thereby creating an opening for President Obama to lead the armies of ISIS and Kenya through the unprotected Mexican border to seize the country.

Climate change was conceived as an elaborate hoax to distract the world (or at least, those few left not involved in the conspiracy – it is a pretty big one, after all) from this developing plot.

More details are forthcoming about the details of the plot and precisely who is involved, but the picture below was leaked by the whistleblower and authenticated.

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