Cops Pull Guns On Cosby in New York

Breaking News…Just now…I mean, really…No shit…

According to a Facebook post, two New York City policemen with guns drawn confronted Bill Cosby who was dressed up as a woman about to enter a Manhattan lesbian bar.  Police did not shoot him.  Once he showed his ID, the two policemen asked for his autograph, and, according to the Facebook post, said things like:  “Love ya, Cos.” and “You’re The Man.”  and  “Yeah, get in there and straighten them dykes out, Cos.”

Also, according to Facebook, it is reported that young black males have been swamping costume stores and going on line looking for Cosby masks and Cosby outfits.  And that the Ferguson, Missouri PD has already issued a BOLO on this.

We will monitor Facebook for more on this developing story, which we will call:  “Are They All Rapists Or Are They Just Trying To Stay Alive?”

Peter Buknatski

Montpelier, Vt.  

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