Our Republican Governor is killing the Middle Class

A couple of days ago BP said, “The top one percent captured between half and all income growth between 2009 and 2011.”

That is, the 6000 most wealthy people in Vermont got almost every cent of whatever bounce-back there was from the GOP crash on 2007-2008.  We, The People, got what,  a slight reduction in the unemployment rate? Oh, yay.

But Shumlin, being a Republican, doesn’t believe that the Vermonters that got all the money should pay one thin dime toward the state’s fiscal woes.  He believes that everyone else – except those 6000 – to pay a much, much larger value of their income to fix the problem.  

Our Republican governor says that re-opening ratified contracts and taking away cost-of-living increases from those Vermonters that actually work for a living is the only choice.  Even just thinking that those 6000 Vermonters who got ALL the money from the economic recovery owe society even a penny are ‘in La-La Land,’ says our Republican Governor.

3 thoughts on “Our Republican Governor is killing the Middle Class

  1. …got the ‘new right-wing’ legislature looking to change the tax codes on deductions to charitable organizations.  United Way is already bitching (see today’s TA).  Non-profits and other social, environmental, and aid-to-the-needy groups will be hurt by this.  But NOT the RICHEST Vermonters.  No–they’ll just cut back on their donations.  

    Shumlin is a TOTAL SONOFABITCH!  He’s responsible for the fuck-ups and is making the poorest Vermonters pay.

    You Little Dems ought to tell him to switch parties–I mean, like TEA PARTY.

  2. I don’t wonder why this song haunts me.

    Our governor os a d-bag’s d-bag. He routinely appears making claims of “the poor suffering VTers” he’s trying to help, all while knowing full well it has all been brought on by him. This is the behavior of a pathological liar — it’s not a second nature but a first and a nearly incurable trait. i’ve only met one who was cured in my entire life & it was by getting caught red-handed lying to a therapist who simply said “How can I help you if you cannot tell the truth”?

    Disingenuous douchbag through and through. What he has done to our state is criminal & brings trainwreck-tears.

    Facepalm Cue the dirge-of-death.  

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