We Must Overturn Citizens United

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I recently introduced an amendment at the Senate Budget Committee. It was pretty simple. It asked my Senate colleagues to begin the process of overturning the disastrous Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United, and to bring transparency and disclosure to the political process. The link to that debate on the amendment is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…

Here’s what I asked my Senate colleagues to consider:

Are we comfortable with an American political system which is being dominated by a handful of billionaires?

Are we a nation that prides ourselves on one-person, one-vote, or do we tell ordinary Americans you’ve got one vote but the Koch brothers can spend hundreds of millions of dollars?

Do we want a political system in which a handful of billionaires can buy members of the United States Congress?

Who are those members of Congress elected with the help of billionaires going to be representing? Do you think they’re going to be representing the middle class and working families?”

The answers seem clear to me. Unless the campaign financing system is reformed, the U.S. Congress will become paid employees of the people who pay for their campaigns – the billionaire class. Needless to say, not everyone on the Committee agreed.

It was an interesting and informative debate. Not one Republican supported the amendment and it lost by a 12-10 vote. I intend to offer it again this week on the floor of the Senate.

2 thoughts on “We Must Overturn Citizens United

  1. go to the root of the evil.   Our judicial system is now laden with appointments who will eventually migrate to the “eligibility” opportunity for the ultimate bench, who were appointed by conservatives to foul up the system with their agenda.

    The supreme court is the tip of the iceberg now in terms of the flood of bad ideas coming from activists rulings, but lower courts are finding their stride.  We need a generation of fair minded non agenda driven folks to assume their seats on the bench…. and with a republican legislature, that ISN’t going to be an easy task…

    Your Presidential chances are a longshot Bernie, but you MUST run in order to bring the conversation back to the level of issues associated with the majority of Americans…

    RUN.   We will send you lunch money.    

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