Who’s the stand-in at the Lt. Governor’s coffee klatsch ?

This past Saturday and Sunday Governor Shumlin was away at a Democratic Governors Association gathering in Puerto Rico (the weather: partly cloudy, temps in the low 70’s). Meanwhile back in Vermont, Lt. Governor Phil Scott (as required by state law) became acting governor, taking on official duties for two days during Shumlin’s absence.

 This week Lt. Gov. Phil Scott takes a turn out of town and heads off Wednesday for Washington DC to a National Lt. Governors Association meeting. Scott will miss his coffee hour on Thursday. It is not an official function, but a regular occasion when legislators, advocates, press, and members of the public are invited to stop by the Lt. Governor’s office for coffee and casual conversation.

In addition I’d guess this is a handy way to keep track of which way the political wind is blowing around the State house and Montpelier. At least it is important enough not to be canceled — but who shmoozes and acts as his eyes and ears when he’s away? 

 Well, Scott didn't have to look too far for his stand-in to serve coffee, and it isn’t a fellow Republican but Democrat Dick Mazza. Not only did Mazza, a Democrat, help re-elect Scott but is now hosting his coffee klatsch.

Not sure how Scott’s official duties are handled when he is away, but clearly his good buddy Dick Mazza has his back for coffee, donuts, and re-election campaigns.

2 thoughts on “Who’s the stand-in at the Lt. Governor’s coffee klatsch ?

  1. Democrats who find themselves buddying up to people of another persuasion.   Why the Democratic state committee doesn’t start to run a caucus in these areas is beyond me.  Mazza, Shumlin-the list of present and past goes on and on…  

    It is a shame that the Democrats seem more interested in maintaining a majority in name only,  rather than advancing an agenda that really puts people first.  

    I know as a long term Democrat that I am ashamed of Shumlins priorities and who he is taking shots at, while ignoring those who have gained the most in the post 2009 economy.  

    Did he get a contribution from the Waltons?  No not Johnboy, the deep pockets….

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