Republicans deny climate change

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I just listened to the Thursday Feb 24th interviews with Republican chair David Sunderland and House Minority Leader Don Turner of Milton on Vermont Public radio’s Vermont Edition.

I was particularly shocked to hear that Sunderland is still questioning the reality of climate change. I suggest that he read the 2014 report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change where over 12,000 scientists from 70 countries contributed to the report and agree that climate change is happening. The debate is over and policy makers all over the globe are in the process of managing future risks and building resilience. Why would Republican leaders deny this information?

In November, I attended the UVM Legislative Summit on Climate Change. The goal of summit was for UVM faculty to share their expertise with decision-makers to help them create informed policy for the state. Legislators, made up of largely Democrats and Progressives, listened to a keynote address titled “Policy, Governance & Human Behavior: Responding to the Climate Change Crisis” by CDAE professor and Gund fellow Asim Zia. Vice president for research Richard Galbraith kicked off the day with a roundup presentation on faculty research at UVM focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation. President Tom Sullivan and Provost David Rosowsky also made remarks.

Legislators and guests also attended workshops designed to educate policy makers in strategies to mitigate future damage from climate change.  Facts supports that climate change has already affected Vermont and has cost the state in money and resources and changed the life of its people forever. Think: Tropical Storm Irene. Think: the problems inherent with the warming of our lakes and streams.

I am encouraged that Vermont Democrats and Progressives legislators are embracing our climate change challenges and doing the work necessary to set protect and support our precious state for future generations.

7 thoughts on “Republicans deny climate change

  1. Conspicuous was the absence of the three Republicans who were now representing me, as a City of St. Albans voter.

    Democrat Kathy Keenan was, of course, there.

    You would think that, with all the anxiety over St. Albans Bay, at least local Republicans might be mildly curious about the possible Climate Change connection…but no, I guess not.

  2. Follow the money.  I am sure that the outside supporters of the Vermont GOP want them to deny our changing climate so that polluters and such can get richer off of not having to deal with it.  

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