Antivaxxers Made Sam’s Friend Sick

As I’d already noted in the socialmediaz, we found out today that Sam’s former classmate (our neighbor until last summer) has varicella.  No big deal, amirite, antivaxxers?


Dear Little B has been a fighter for 5 years (she’s a couple months older than our boy).  Deets are unnecessary, but she had an organ transplant and is thus immuno suppressed out of necessity.  She’ one of the myriad people we’ve tried to protect by making sure Sam and Sadie (and we) are vaccinated against preventable infections.

But chicken pox is so harmless.  Lots of kids had the disease before a shot was available.  Hell, I got it when I was a kid, and after many days of character-building scratching and whatnot, I was totally fine!

Of course, I didn’t require hospitalization and anti-viral IV.  And I didn’t have a long-scheduled operation that had to be postponed.

Now Little B has to spend many days in the hospital yet again.  She has to fight yet again, but this time against something that could have been mitigated if philosophical parents had vaccinated their kids.

So once more with feeling: THIS IS A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE.  Period.  Full stop.  Get your goddamned shots.


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