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As Town Meeting Day is just a couple of weeks away, I have decided to preview some of the ballot items and races. I will start with the mayor's race.

There are 4 candidates for mayor:  Weinberger (Democrat), the incumbent; two challengers from the left, Progressive Steve Goodking and Independent Greg Guma, and one challenger from the right, Libertarian Loyal Ploof. I haven't followed the mayor's race that closely and I don't feel that there is much of a race to begin with. There had been recent demonstrations about the selling of land from Burlington College to a private developer, and of Weinberger's close ties to real-estate developers. In times past, I would have been a proponent of the Progressives, but after the Burlington Telecom debacle and the fiscal mess the Kiss administration left behind, I have few qualms with incumbent Weinberger. There is some anger in the community about the pro-development agenda of his adminstration, but I can only see the left splitting the vote and leaving him with a relatively comfortable path to victory. Loyal Ploof might be the best positioned to end in second place. 

Now on to some of the ballot items:

School Budget: It increased again, and there were findings that the school district was still in the red. I know it's going to pass, but I'm going to vote no. It increases my rent and this city is unaffordable as it is. 

Pledging city credit to downtown TIF district: Yes. Weinberger has done a good job restoring the city's credit rating, and I'm willing to give his administration a chance to improve the downtown district.

Allow noncitizens to serve on city boards and as department heads: Yes, there is nothing wrong with that as they are residents of the city and deserve to have a say about it.

Non-citizens to vote in municipal and school elections: I've thought about it, and I am voting no. Even though there were instances in the past where non-citizens were allowed to vote, all I have to say is that it is one of the few rights that separates lawful residents from US citizens. I say, become a citizen and vote. Many people would feel differently about that idea though. 

Board terms for three years: Yes, there is something as voting too often for people. I feel that voting for federal representatives every two years is too much. I feel the same about elections on the local level as well.

Eliminating requirement to political affiliation for certain city boards: Yes.

What do you guys think? I don't feel that invested in the items coming up this Town Meeting Day, but I have given my take on them and I will go and vote. 

2 thoughts on “Burlington Ballot Items

  1. Weinberger seems to want to throw BT to the wolf of comcast or whoever comes along.  Just like the Burlington College deal, he seems to be happy to have someone else make a shitload of money at citizens expense.  Problem is that just like the Shumlin crap, there seems to be no one else better.  However BT should stay in public hands just like other cities are trying to do.  It is a public utility and we grow more and more dependent upon web every day.

    City credit for TIF…  so, citizens are paying for a new hotel with TIF tax dollars??  Heck, lets put up a football stadium while we are at it.

    Non citizens?   what part of NON citizen is a mystery here?

    Three year terms, OK but removing the political affiliation is going to inject an agenda into appointments and who knows where it ends if one party of city council gets an act of forced appointments together.  bad decision.

    School budget should fail with all those new backpack guys on it who were yelling to cut spending….. but that is before they hired someone who doesn’t have working papers for the USA or the superintendent license to do the job.     Don’t people usually have to be qualified to TAKE a job before it is offered?   Sort of strange.  Maybe the Shumsky crowd will drive him out also.

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