AMA — Vaccine Testing Trials Should Be Mandated

AMA blog claims volunteers are in short supply:

But relying on altruism alone to facilitate clinical trials is potentially unsustainable and ethically contentious … In recent decades there has been a distressing decline in the numbers of healthy volunteers who participate in clinical trials [7], a decline that has the potential to become a key rate-limiting factor in vaccine development


Soo the “Social Contract” in this particular collectivist mindset where everything is supposedly for “The Greater Good” alone apparently extends to mandated vaccine trials suggesting it’s no different than “jury duty” logic of which rests upon the “opt-out” of organ donation popularized in the European-style socialisms (and suggested as the law of the land in VT by a legislator who is also an MD) and where none are citizens but all are subjects to a “crown”:

AMA Journal of Ethics

Formerly Virtual Mentor

Illuminating the art of medicine

Virtual Mentor. January 2012, Volume 14, Number 1: 35-38.

Policy Forum

Should Participation in Vaccine Clinical Trials be Mandated?

Would the existence of a potentially lethal infectious disease, for which vaccine development was hampered by a shortage of volunteer trial subjects, justify making trial participation mandatory?

Susanne Sheehy, BM BCh, MRCP, DTM&H, and Joel Meyer, BM BCh, MRCP

What the hell happened to the Constitution & where the hell is the ACLU?

And, even the AMA officially opposes compulsory or mandated vaccines (or once did):

AMA’s Medical Code of Ethics SUPPORT Exemption Provisions

– added emphasis

“The breath of organizations that strongly support flu vaccination, but are on record concurring with SEIU in opposing a flu vaccine employer requirement in the absence a basic philosophic or personal exemption for healthcare workers include: OSHA, CDC’s NIOSH, the EEOC, the AFL-CIO, the AMA (15), the ANA, ACOEM (the largest organization of occupational health physicians), and the Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare  (AOHP), the California Nurses Association {CNA), Leading Edge (the trade association for the non-profit long term care industry), National Nurses United {NNU), the New York State Public Employees Federation {PEF), and the New York State Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union {ACLU).”…

So, AMA does or did count themselves among the many trade organizations and unions which oppose compulsory vaccinations and ostensibly compulsory “clinical trials”. And where does it end folks? Medical experimentation on all for “The Greater Good”? You can kiss safety goodbye when it’s all mandated like some of the folks commenting on GMD believe at least vaccination should be.

From an antivax perspective:

The American Medical Association Will Soon Be Able To Force People To Enter Experimental Vaccine Trials

Christina England October 22 2012…

I’ll be expecting a stampede to the Vaccine Trial Signup Centers for this new medical marvel from the collectivist folks which will result in the wave of the future for the “Greater Good”, more and better vaccines for all.

Medical Industrial Complex — Vaccine Volunteer Initiative Project (VVIP)

As we in the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) embark upon the brave new world of medicine, the Medical Care Board (MCB) in each state or sectorium has been tasked with finding the most cost-effective and efficient means to distribute the needed care, services and allocation of medical wealth in our society as it pertains to health care and follows the mantra & trajectory leading to “The Greater Good” as defined by the MCB.

Studies have shown that wellness is synonymous with the amount of vaccines dispensed to the populous which then form the single most important aspect of health care. Although the VVIP is mandatory, it includes volunteers so we chose to identify all testees as volunteers aka Testing Subjects (TS). Testing Subjects will be chosen by lottery. There are no waivers — all from birth including all other ages are eligible.

This is necessary to form the largest and most comprehensive cross section of vaccine trial experimentees which then represent the most complete cross section of our society. The statistics are virtual and achieved from computer modeling. As the program progresses “real time” methodology will be used. The first actual statistics are expected to be compiled and ready in 2025.

[Instructions and disclaimer: Must Be Signed in Advance Under Penalty of Law. There are no exemptions except for: health care delivery system workers, members of congress, judicial and executive branches plus all state, municipal, federal and state government employees, teachers, and families of the aforementioned. Names will not be used, an identification number has been found to be the most efficient method of ID.]

A small Chipped Module (CM) will be placed under the fatty portion of the palm to be read by an RFID Scanner (RFIDS). In most cases the chip dissolves within a year of placement following the testing tour of duty leaving only the indelible number of the TS under the skin readable only with an RFIDS. Pain and a small amount of blood at the placement site is normal and expected this should subside in a week to ten days. Infections will be treated at no charge. During infectious period TS will assist the TA. Test Subjects will return to their volunteer experimentation when infection begins to subside.

A mild stroke aka Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) is possible during the dissolving process as a known flaw exists which causes the module to become stuck in blood vessels — this is about 30% or 30 per 100. Cardiac Arrest is another known flaw but in our virtual model of Test Subjects has been found to be as low as 10% or 10 per 100.

No communication between Test Subjects is allowed, even family members under penalty of law. Test subjects will be escorted at all times for their safety. Photo RFID embedded card including all necessary papers is required and will be confiscated upon arrival.

Upon arrival a mild sedative will be administered for your safety, drowsiness is expected and not harmful. In certain cases there have been allergic reactions similar to a bee sting and in rare cases Anaphylactic Shock has occurred. We stress: This is rare occuring in just 5% this is 5 in 100 and mostly children and elderly. All subjects will be stripsearched. This is for your safety as well as the staff. Nutrition supplying the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for nutritional needs as well as prescribed medications will be supplied intavenously.

If veins become difficult to find – due to dehydration for example – we have the option of using nutritional suppositories (NS) or Nutritional Enemas (NE) depending upon availability. This is an efficiency component and less stressfull to the TS as well as less time consuming for staff. Following absence of ingested nutrition, subjects become unresponsive to “hunger pangs” which end approximately one week after administration of Nutritional IV Therapy (NIVT).

Please arrive promptly wearing loose fitting clothing, you will change into hospital-style gowns for the duration of all vaccine trials & experiments, studies have confirmed it is less stressful and time consuming to remove loose fitting clothing. The door to your single occupancy windowless test-cell will be locked for your safety and protection. If in-room tv, running water or flush-style toilets is desired there will be an additional charge. In case of emergency ring buzzer, someone will reply on a first come-serve basis.

If waiting time exceeds 1/2 hour please ring buzzer again in 1/2 hr intervals. Generally all calls are answered within three ringings when understaffed due to budget constraints or high turnover & subject to availibility of quailified or unqualified per-diem Standby Associates (SA). Waiting periods have been considerably longer in these cases. The Waiting Time Sub-Committee (WTS) of the MCB is working to resolve the problem.

All costs incurred are to be paid by the subject in advance of the experiment. Since these trials will be taxpayer funded, studies have shown paying in advance of testing reduces the cost for the subject. Shoes will be kept in your locker in the entrance to the research facility, one-size-fits-all rubber thongs will be issued to all TS, they may be located in the pockets of your hospital-style gown. Other personal effects will be confiscated including cell phone which will be turned off upon release and included with other effects.

Staffers are not responsible for any loss of effects, all are the sole responsibility of the subject. Remove all jewelry and place in Effects Packet (EP), roll up sleeves and place straps around shoulder, pull down pants if worn including undergarments, place straps around ankle area then bend over face down across the testing bar in advance of your clinical trial.

We may use either the buttocks, thighs or outer shoulder depending on the trial or preference of research associate. As many as twelve injections per day may be administered to healthy subjects per advisement of MCB. Since children 5-10 yo receive these amounts in a given day it is thought that children as well as adults could maintain such a testing schedule with complications ranging in the same levels per injection at the Herd Level of vaccine complications of normal vaccine recipients.

Our Research Associates (RA) & TA are very busy, dislike having to wait and studies have shown this protocol saves time and cost for the subject as well as reducing stress on our associates and meeting Efficiency Level Goals (ELG) of our ACO modeled care. Those not ready must wait in the required position until the next round of injections occurs or between Testing Associate meal times whichever is later.

Since there are Testing Subjects which will expire, aka Expired Subject (ES) and others which will live, Live Subject (LS) in each Testing Module (TM), in the event you have a reaction leading to illness or death or are in the “Death Group” all incurred costs will have been paid in advance by the subject. An onsite preplanned crematorium facility may be used at an additional fee. This efficiency feature allows the family of the “Death Group” (DG) to plan a Dignified Departure (DD).

No funds will be returned to the “Live Group” (LG), any excess funds will be used to recoup costs for those whose ability to to pay has been compromised such as the homeless, nonambulatory, handicapped, disabled, intellectually challenged and institutionalized.

Experiments were originally taxpayer funded, government officials as well as the AMA, vaccine & pharmaceutical manufacturers decided Direct-Pay would be more efficient and less costly to subjects and families of subjects. Death or injury will be reported to Designated Significant Other (DSO).

Where applicable the use of prisons and FEMA camps is necessary in the event existing experimental facilities are overutilized or of great distance. Whichever is closer to the Testing Associates will be used. We do not intend this option to be a source of alarm. An additional mild sedative is optional at an additional fee.

Faith-based materials and artifacts are allowed and encouraged. Placement in a prison cell or FEMA facility improves efficiency, saves cost, creates additional employment. Unskilled Associates (UA) may be utilized on an as-needed temporary basis when necessary. As an added bonus a 5% prompt “Where Are Your Papers” (WAYP) discount will be applied to those returning their papers with full payment in 24 hours or one working day.

Please note: Children from 1 day to 5 years will be cared for in a Licensed Child Care Facility at the expense of the parent or legal guardian. Other children will be housed in the same manner as adults as we expect a shortage of child care facilities and studies have shown separation anxiety or psychological trauma is minimal per the MCB. Mild sedatives suitable for children are administered.

Further traumatizing effects if any, are treatable with Licensed Hypnotist Counseling Sessions (LHCS) which include small doses of Versed or Propofol. Over time the vast majority forget the experience and achieve full recovery in the 60 percentile.

The rest have small levels of chronic anxiety, signs & symptoms of psychological trauma however this is no different than what is experienced by parental separation, death of a pet, friend or loved one. A larger subset of traumatees are classified as Emotionally Disturbed however our research models show them to be at similar levels now found in the general population.

All employees of the VVIP & Vaccine Trial Initiative (VTI) will be indemnified by the Federal Government, under the No Litigation Clause (NLC). Under due process, however, a complaint can be filed with AMAarm of HHS who will verify if any rules, mandatory procedures, sanitation protocols or laws that were not followed or if any crimes have been committed.

If found to be true a notation will be added to complainants file & future corrective action will be taken. Since the entire program is wholly funded by the participants, it would be too costly to provide a funding mechanism for damages, and would undermine the mission and goals of our primary sponsor the Greater Good Foundation (GGF), to which the monies customarily paid out to victims of Vaccine Malpractice are diverted to cover operational costs.

Please note: cost of Volunteer Testing Trial (VTT) in the VVIP is $800-$1000 per day, payable to the the AMA or VacciPharm Testers Association (VPTA) by credit card, cash or check (please do not send food stamps or postage stamps they will b e returned along with a fee for processing the errant payment method ((EPM)), cost of voluntary tour of duty depends upon accoutrements desired, typically the trials last one month.

Home equity loans as well as the now popular Reverse Mortages are available as well as our Retesting and Revenue Remediation Program (RRRP) which allows all unable to pay to work off the mandatory fee by re-enrolling & paying according to a graduated schedule.

All fees may be waived by signing on for additional Tours of Duty in the VVIP. Each additional two months results in one month of waived fees.

And, an additional bonus of a 50% reduction in all future Scheduled Vaccines (SV) which will be be added to the roster per the MCB decision of necessity  and included in the panel of scheduled, mandatory vaccines and auto-billed to the vaccinee’s payment method which includes all natural born citizens as well as those carrying Green Cards. No exemptions or waivers are available or applicable.

Further membership as a volunteer is also offered following aforementioned tours as a Veteren Vaccine Volunteer Initiative Program member (VVVIP). VVVIPs choose the clinical trials & drug experiments they wish to participate in, typically stay in their own homes, continue with employment if able (parking spaces for VVVIP members are mandatory in all places of employment as well as all public buildings and businesses. Driver’s License designates licensee as a card-carrying VVVIP member, are paid a stipend plus travel expenses and always receive experimental testing in a hospital setting.

An award signed by the VVVIP Commissioner is given as well as a beautiful plaque suitable for wall hanging or standing on a coffee table, (special plaque stands are available in several styles for a nominal fee) and are also given poshumously to the DSO family of the “Death Group”.

VVVIP insignia license plate allowing re-enrolling VVVIP to park in designated VVVIP spaces, free tailored civilian-uniform in a warm brown accented in red with matching pants or skirt with red chevron striped insignia badge including pins indicating years of service in the VVVIP, suitable for wearing to ceremonies and private holiday get-togethers.

The VVIP Homeless Program is an extension of the VVIP (HVVIP) administered by our Vaccine Benevolent Society (VBS). We provide transportation to and from all facilties at no charge, feed and house the homeless volunteers following initial tour and repayment tour in FEMA camps and prisons whenever they volunteer.

They also receive a pocket-sized award & plaque. And, smoking is allowed in FEMA facilities in Designated Smoking Areas. If they decide to leave the program they receive used and/or surplus commodity military equipment; K-Rations for life, pup-tent, sleeping bag, lifetime supply of free sterno, cooking gear, free batteries for life and LCD battery powered lamp, tent-sized hot seat, snowmobile, military snow-suit & rain poncho all embossed with our HVVIP logo.

As an added bonus, enrollment in any branch of the military is free.

Your cooperation and prompt response to the request for submission of all forms and signed papers which will be mailed to test subjects one month in advance will be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Sponsored by HHS, and AMAU – “American Medical Association Union — Local 666”. Includes the Collective of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (CPM) PHARMA & the Vaccine Manufacturers of America VMA which have been separately combined to form the “VacciPharm” arm of the Medical Industrial Complex.

… “For which we stand – one complex, indivisible with medical care for all”


7 thoughts on “AMA — Vaccine Testing Trials Should Be Mandated

  1. Vaccine Pioneer Admits Adding CANCER-CAUSING VIRUS to Vaccine

    As to the laughter heard in the video, yeah that’s really funny stuff folks, infecting ppl all over the world w/such things as cancer.

  2. however naive a wise-one may be:

    Beware the Medical-Industrial Complex

    – emphasis added

    The corporatization of health care in the United States has moved rapidly in recent years. Physicians are now in a position that requires us to adapt to an increasingly Darwinian existence. Years of training to be “rugged individualists” pushing the frontiers of medical knowledge have not equipped us to fight corporate battles, nor to justify our treatment decisions to bean counters. When the most important consideration becomes the bottom line, then innovation, creativity, and research diminish in importance. They will, in fact, be selected against because they cost money. Up to now, these have been the hallmarks of American medicine, and we must strive to maintain our position of American leadership in biotechnology.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely:

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton, KCVO, DL (10 January 1834 – 19 June 1902)-known as Sir John Dalberg-Acton, 8th Bt

    There are no exceptions to this rule.

  3. Currently:Vermont:

    Rep. Bob G. Helm (R) [8]

    Shawn Shouldice, Capital Connections, LLC

    ALEC State Chairmen From SourceWatch

    Learn more about corporations VOTING to rewrite our laws.

    About ALEC

    ALEC is a corporate bill mill. It is not just a lobby or a front group; it is much more powerful than that. Through ALEC, corporations hand state legislators their wishlists to benefit their bottom line. Corporations fund almost all of ALEC’s operations. They pay for a seat on ALEC task forces where corporate lobbyists and special interest reps vote with elected officials to approve “model” bills.

    – added emphasis

    Contributions to Kevin J Mullin

    Negative contribution amounts denote returned contributions

    State Year Contributor Office Result Amount

    Vt. 2010 PFIZER Senate Won $200

    Vt. 2010 AT&T Senate Won $300

    Vt. 2010 FEDERAL EXPRESS Senate Won $250

    Vt. 2010 GLAXOSMITHKLINE Senate Won $750

    Vt. 2008 COMCAST Senate Won $200

    Vt. 2008 FEDERAL EXPRESS Senate Won $500

    Vt. 2006 COMCAST Senate Won $200

    Vt. 2006 GLAXOSMITHKLINE Senate Won $200

    Vt. 2006 PFIZER Senate Won $300

    Vt. 2006 PHRMA Senate Won $500

    Vt. 2004 GLAXOSMITHKLINE Senate Won $300

    Vt. 2004 PFIZER Senate Won $300

    Vt. 2004 CORRECTIONS CORP OF AMERICA Senate Won $200

    Contributions to Margaret (Peg) Flory

    Negative contribution amounts denote returned contributions

    State Year Contributor Office Result Amount

    Vt. 2010 PFIZER Senate Won $200

    Vt. 2010 AT&T Senate Won $300

    Vt. 2010 CORRECTIONS CORP OF AMERICA Senate Won $500

    Vt. 2010 MERCK & CO Senate Won $200

    About this Project

    The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a nonprofit membership organization of state legislators. It produces model legislation that, according to articles in The Nation, Bloomberg, and elsewhere, is heavily influenced by industry groups. Each year, according to ALEC, almost 1,000 bills based on this model legislation are introduced in state legislatures.

    Vaccine industry heavily influenced & tied to Pharma:


    Senators Mullen & Flory are or have been influenced by Pharma, though the contributions seem small all add up and serve to show how they would likely lean in legislative action. Perhaps they would be a bit larger if Senator Mullen actually passed the ALEC-sponsored legislation. Mullen has, for the second session in a row attempted to rid the state of the philisophical exemption,

    “Philosophical” is a broad-brush which merely includes individuals in disagreement with compulsory vaccination, or for whatever reason to perform a particular act. Not quite the same as the college course-level study of “philosophers”.

    It is simply the legislative name given to one method parents use to make decisions based on the health of their child which is their right, namely refusing certain vaccines. State and local statistics have been known to be inaccurate ie it is unclear whether a child who has not received all or certain vaccines may be listed in the unvaxed group as well as those who have not received the booster portion. Even given this knowledge though rates vary they are still relatively high and, there have been no outbreaks here in VT.  

    States have shot down cases of parents refusing treatments for their children the result of which could be fatal which is in part the logic applied by some parents who choose which vaccines their children receive – they are known, even to the vaccine industry to be fatal as well as known & also suspected of causing lifelong injuries and disabilities such as autism.

    As an added threat to our medical safety & well being — more misery and mayhem from this ALEC bunch of bad actors:

    Health, Pharmaceuticals, and Safety Net Programs

    Efforts to Limit Patient Rights and Undermine Safety Net Programs for Older Americans and Others

    The bills on this page reveal how ALEC corporations and their legislative partners would privatize Medicare, deregulate health insurers, protect negligent doctors, and cut holes in the safety net. These anti-patient “model bills” advance the interests of global drug companies and the health insurance industry, while eroding the rights and health of Americans.

    Through ALEC, corporations have both a VOICE and a VOTE on specific changes to our public health laws through these model bills. Do you?…  

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