Freedom on the March!

Over the decades we have often seen that the young, refusing to blindly swallow what they have been told, are at the forefront of the march for freedom.

The intrepid heroes on display today are a group of young people, we can consider them a resistance cell, in Palatine, Illinois. There are only five now, but there is every reason to expect their numbers will grow and their philosophy of freedom will continue to expand.

From the Chicago Tribune:

 Public health officials warned Thursday that more measles cases are likely after five infants who attend a suburban day care center were diagnosed with the highly infectious disease.

The outbreak at a KinderCare Learning Center in Palatine marks the second appearance of the measles in Illinois within the last month. Officials last week said a suburban Cook County adult had contracted the disease and visited a Palatine grocery store and health clinic while possibly contagious.

 My hat is off to these brave activists, all under the age of twelve months. If we're lucky, their refusal to accept the orthodoxy of the vaccine industry will spread to Vermont very soon.



6 thoughts on “Freedom on the March!

  1. Out on Star Island, off the coast of New Hampshire, there is a lonely little grave site. Buried there are the remains of three sisters who died within a month of each other of diphtheria, back in 1863. The oldest was 7. This doesn’t happen anymore in the U.S., because of vaccines. I can’t believe that people are willing to give up what we have gained.

    Well, maybe I do believe it. We have come so far that we have the illusion of the luxury of carelessness and selfishness. Quack medicine has kept pace with scientific medicine. There was an article in the Montpelier Bridge last week touting medicinal cupping, as if the last 200 years of medical advances had been forgotten. Sigh.

    The basis of modern health is public health: sewer treatment plants, water treatment plants, nutrition, cleanliness, and vaccination.

  2. Combined those two with a profound distrust of multi-billion dollar industries with extensive histories of lying about the safety of their products and you can see how easy it was for me to be cautious when it came to vaccines.

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