State Auditor Hoffer has Gruber on the ropes — doesn’t rule out subpeona

power for retrieving the missing information Gruber has failed to provide officials.

Hoffer can’t get answers on Gruber invoices

Morgan True Jan. 23 2015, 5:39 pm 9 Comments

State Auditor Doug Hoffer hasn’t gotten a satisfactory explanation for two sparsely detailed invoices totaling $160,000 the state received, and paid out, to economist Johnathan Gruber, Hoffer said.…

If not for the analysis of the revenue sieve our leaky-boat Vermont has become from the office of Auditor Hoffer — the state agency that doesn’t function as another state-run bureaucracy and ticketmaster for the rich game players who operate in our state like its one big casino, there would not be much positive news.

There have been other notable actions that did not get much press — but this is a huge bold step to hopefully recoup state funds if found to be fraudulently received — as well as shining a light in the darkness of the get-rich-quick-scheme aka as the State of Vermont as well as bureaucrats & elected officials who don’t seem to care about the huge hole in our ship where our finances are circling around the drain.

Hear the deafeningly loud sucking sound … its the loss of revenue due to gross mismanagement by our elected officials. The list is long and we are all paying the price while those on top run to the side of the deck which is still above water as our ship begins to sink. Those on bottom in third class? SOL.    

Gee, I wonder how many of these highly paid fuctionaries including the newly wealthy will be able to say on their next luxury cruise following the other financial shipwreck of VHC “We built our fortune in VT”.

We need not wonder why:

Raimondo did not announce Rader Wallack’s salary.


What could possibly go wrong?…

Iceberg? What iceberg…

3 thoughts on “State Auditor Hoffer has Gruber on the ropes — doesn’t rule out subpeona

  1. consulting firms hired to build the exchange.  Invoices submitted for payment should have been accompanied by evidence of work conducted AND proof that the product worked.  

  2. courtesy of hardworking cash-stapped middle class & working poor Vermonters (indirectly affects everyone btw) & struggling VT businesses — exported to another state this time.

    More snakeshifting from our sidewinding governor:

    Economist: Market forces working against Shumlin’s Medicaid plan

    Morgan True Jan. 29 2015, 3:27 pm 2 Comments

    Devil appears to be buried in details as usual!

    comment from Digger story:

    The plan includes upping the Medicaid reimbursement rates to Dartmouth Medical Center through the payroll tax levied on businesses, and indirectly their employees. Look on page 4 of the document. Increased reimbursement rates (which means increasing Medicaid payments) and then there is a footnote #4. When you look down to the footnote #4, it includes increasing Medicaid reimbursements to Dartmouth.

    Can Shummy be impeached, hopefully before he finishes destroying our state?

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