We have “Democratic” leaders in our State actually proposing legislation to “prohibit teachers and school administrators from striking and school boards from imposing contracts and to require mandatory binding arbitration.”  WOW!  Sarah Buxton, Kevin Christie,and Jim Condon, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  H.76 is the bill I am referring to.  

The Democratic party in Vermont can no longer claim to be a friend of labor.  With a “Democratic” governor, who has, at every turn, shunned labor.  

Leadership?  Not of the party I know, and yes, I have been a life long Democrat…

One thought on “Leadership?

  1. Here are all the sponsors and a link to the bill itself

    Sponsor  Rep. Kurt Wright   Additional Sponsors  Rep. Sarah E. Buxton Rep. Kevin “Coach” Christie  Rep. Jim Condon   Rep. Larry Cupoli  Rep. Alyson Eastman   Rep. Bernie Juskiewicz  Rep. Patti Komline


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