Poll: 44% growl at Sen. Rodger’s State Dog bill (S.25)

About one week after Essex/Orleans Senator John Rodgers (D) (beagle) introduced S.25 — a bill to name a state dog — the idea is getting little support. At least in an online WCAX poll, little enthusiasm is being shown for the senator’s pet project. Keep in mind though, the poll is non-scientific and as with other things on WCAX perhaps meaningless.

WCAX.com Poll: Should Vermont have a state dog? If so, what kind should it be? We will share the results with policymakers in Montpelier who will make the choice.

Beagle 13% 

Pug 2% 

Golden retriever 7% 

Chocolate lab 4%

Black lab 8%

Husky 3%

German shepherd 5%

Mutt 10%

Something else 4%

Vermont doesn't need a state dog 44%

But then again, bill sponsor Senator Rodgers readily admits he is just having a little legislative laugh, and certainly he's not wasting everyone's time. “It’s been a source of amusement if nothing else.”

Recently on his FaceBook page Rodgers explained what he thinks is a waste of time:

By now most of you have heard about “the Beagle Bill” that I introduced for a constituent. I assure you that it literally took about two minutes. If you want to talk about a waste of time let's talk about the new gun control proposal that I am busy trying to stop. […] 

I guess Senator Rodgers always opens with a joke — or maybe a dogwhistle.

One thought on “Poll: 44% growl at Sen. Rodger’s State Dog bill (S.25)

  1. and ridiculous sideshow. Any respect for the dear senator has dropped like a rock. But thanks for the entertainment BP!

    Oh – and where is the smartest most Vermont-like dog, the Border Collie herder? Or … the Rottweiler to protect us from the shoot-em-up constabularies. Under “Something else” maybe???

    “Beagle”? They’re cute, dumb & passive – is this what we are? Good to know!

    “We don’t need a state dog” – how fetching!  

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