I Am Charlie?–NO!–I AM PISSED!!!

Yes, once again we have a hip trendy catch-phrase every MORON in America will no doubt take up.  And T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers, sold by the very corporate ghouls who make terrorism and war.  There’s $$$ in I Am Charlie.

I Am Charlie really means:  “I Am Anti-Muslim, Anti-Black, Anti-Semite, Anti-Poor, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Gay, Anti-Women, ANTI-WHOEVER!”

It also means:  “I Am Anti-Intelligence and ANTI-AMERICA!”

I Am Charlie–Yawn.  Pul-lease!  Stop The Nonsense!  When 9/11 happened there were many Americans who, instead of going batshit-patriotic, spoke up about addressing the causes of 9/11.  Well…what the Hell is happening to our little pea-brains?  Does critical thought cause STRESS now?  Not covered by Health Care?  Shit.  I Am YAHOO.  I Am MOB.  And yes–I Am SHEEP.

I’ll bet the radical Muslims in al-Qaeda are sitting around now making bombs and one of them is saying (ala Harry Dean Stanton in REPO MAN):  “You see that shit, man.  Those Dildo Dipshit Assholes!  Those people are hopeless.  They’ll never get it.  They want a fucking PAX CHRISTIANITY!  Shit.  Ordinary fucking Americans.  I hate ’em.  Hand me that piece of pipe.  Then we’ve got to get out of this bad area.”

Yes, I AM PISSED!  Just when I thought we couldn’t get any stupider…Maybe it’s that Global Warming shit.  

I Am Charlie is really going to help the cause.  And not of us or the Muslims.  The cause of $$$!  Shit.  Hey, you Muslims out there…HELLO???…I Am NOT LIKE THE OTHERS.

Peter Buknatski

Montpelier, Vt.

2 thoughts on “I Am Charlie?–NO!–I AM PISSED!!!

  1. Unsure of what this all means, so call me clueless but willing to get one?

    My takeaway has always been we are unwelcome in this neck of the woods. Period.

    The caliphate formed by the muslim brotherhood wants supreme control to enact their inhuman version of Sharia law.

    Also the goings on at Gitmo — which  should have been emptied long ago — have angered not just their fellow Muslims but the US as well as officials who were sickened by the inhumane treatment of prisoners.

    Charlie Hebdo attack was also somewhat mischaracterized  it was seen by the Jewish residents as an attack on them since Jews have been fleeing Paris by the thousands for years now – its over 100,000 at this time.

    The demonstration had been organized to protest ‘terror’. It was organized to demonstrate, ‘we won’t be frightened’ by terror. It didn’t specify ‘Islamic terror’. It didn’t link ‘Islamic terror’ with the murder of Jews because they were Jews.

    Instead, marchers spoke of freedom. For example, one said, “Our values are liberty, equality and fraternity…we cannot allow terrorists to dictate to us” (“Paris attacks: Millions rally for unity in France!”, BBC News, January 11, 2015).

    He said nothing of Jews. He said nothing about ‘Islamic terrorists’.


    Police ordered shops in the Jewish neighborhood of Marais in central Paris to close Friday afternoon as the hostage crisis continued. The Grand Synagogue of Paris also shut down for the day, USA Today reports.


    ‘Je suis Palestinian’: Israeli ambassador furious over MP’s Netanyahu tweet

    Published time: January 14, 2015 17:25

    I get most of my news from RT.


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