From the bottom of a great big empty

When I read that the new Free Press publisher Al Getler is

…a prolific public speaker – and a ventriloquist

I didn’t want to be the last to observe that this could be a valuable skillset for someone who appears poised to preside over a more or less empty newsroom.

Posessing the ability to project his voice all over the place, perhaps he can mimic the collegial atmosphere of a legitimate newspaper.

‘Might not be enough to fool the readers, but could disguise what is likely to be quite an echo in the ol’ Gannett garage.

Makes you wonder why they wanted to move to a new location barely a year ago:

“The high-tech, new location will put all of our employees in open spaces, helping all of our departments build off of the energy of others. There will be increased communication among editors, reporters and photo staff working arm’s distance from one another.”


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2 thoughts on “From the bottom of a great big empty

  1. for the paper’s new office features

    “…reporters and photo staff working arm’s distance from one another.”

    The Freep will speak with one voice! But can it drink a glass of water at the same time?

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