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  1. at the O.K. ends at High Noon in the statehouse – bring it.

    Throwdown almost over, newly addicted to Smartfood cheddar. Better than the movie-theater butter – and it’s good for ya!


    Audio from this story will be posted at approximately 11 a.m. Thursday, Jan.


    Government & Politics

    How, Exactly, The Legislature’s Vote For Governor Will Work

    By Bob Kinzel

    When lawmakers vote on Thursday to elect Vermont’s next governor, it’s likely that an effort will be made to change the voting system from a secret, written ballot to an open roll call, but this change will not be allowed.

    “The real problem with suspending the rule you can do that but it sure does not suspend the Constitution,” Senate Secretary John Bloomer on why efforts to ask for an open roll call in the Legislature’s vote for governor would be ruled out of order.



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  2. for comments. Milne ain’t goin away & that he was able to get this far given all the negative aspects was impressive imho.e of the bigger ones in my mind was his mother, likely one of the strongest allies passing mid-campaign.

  3. Anyone who believes that there were any true “winners,” either in the governor’s race or in the change-overs, is somewhat delusional.

    We can and will do better, but I am afraid that Milne was just the “beige” in the Icky Color Choice Olympics this year.  Given a better color pallet, beige won’t get much past the hall closet.

  4. this was weird:

    Analysis: Shumlin’s inaugural remarkable for what he didn’t say

    Anne Galloway Jan. 9 2015, 6:02 am 7 Comments

    – emphasis

    … Typically, notable visitors, supreme court justices, senators and the governor are given rounds of applause as their departure is announced by the Senate president and they leave the inaugural ceremony through the front entrance of the House Chamber.

    Instead, Shumlin and other dignitaries were escorted out of the chamber through the back exit, to the sound of protestors singing in the background.

    Lawmakers streamed out of the chamber like a herd of deer in the headlights, scattering to their committee rooms.




    … After hearing the governor’s speech, one lawmaker who cast a ballot for Shumlin said he wished he could change his vote …

    Yeah there were the protesters, so I’m unsure if it would have been safe or appropriate to follow the traditional departure protocol – but a governor who runs out the back door doesn’t bode well.

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