Is anyone else feeling the Milne-mentum?

Besides Scott Milne I mean. It’s finally down the wire for Scott Milne’s long-running campaign for Governor. And he may be one of only a few Vermonters who see his odds of winning election improving.

In his most recent comments Milne says:

“I’m open to a conversation with anybody, Vermonters large and small, legislative or nonlegislative,” Milne told The Associated Press in an interview. But he added, “I’m not going to be proactively calling legislators and twisting their arms.”

Years of legislative precedent and a Democratic/Progressive majority will favor incumbent Governor Shumlin when the vote to settle last fall’s too-close-to-call election is held this Thursday. The November vote was Shumlin 46.4 percent of the vote to Milne’s 45.1 percent.  

Ever since Milne’s surprisingly close finish, the general consensus has been that it would be very, very, very, very unlikely if not impossible for him to win election for governor in the legislature.

A lone supporter from the newly formed group Vermonters for Honest Government bought a TV ad attempting to target legislators. However Milne’s newest burst of optimism doesn’t appear to be connected to actions he himself has taken or any discernable trends.

And he’s not exactly workin’ the phones!

6 thoughts on “Is anyone else feeling the Milne-mentum?

  1. folks didn’t want Shumlin, but they wanted Milne even less.

    Milne was all about nothing, and given a choice between a disappointing something and nothing, the voters unsurprisingly chose the disappointing something.

    The only news there was by how little.

  2. Rather odd-

    In the comment section of Scott Milne appears to be publically making job offers to “brand names of Vermont public service” for cabinet positions in his future cabinet as soon as he is named governor

    My team- I believe Vermont’s best and brightest are willing to step up and make a difference. I believe that working for Scott Milne is desirable to these people. While writing this comment I see an email coming in from a candidate for Education Secretary- should we decide a change is warranted there, and earlier this morning I was communicating with three other brand names of Vermont public service who are assisting me in building a foundation for make Vermont a better place- should I be elected on Thursday.

  3. … from the VTDigger story (and referenced on my blog):

    Milne said on Sunday his “chances are improving.” When asked how many lawmakers support his candidacy, he said his statement was “non-mathematical.”

    “I’m not counting votes, and if I was, I don’t think I’d have close to 91,” Milne said. He said he could get 25 or 100 votes, but “more likely I’m going to lose, I don’t really know.”

    If I count correctly, that’s a flip-flop-flop-flip-flop.  

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