A persistent snark

Email subject line: Time is running out to support the VDP in 2014  

Friend,  2014 has been a year of persistence for the Vermont Democratic Party.



That is the subject and the opening line of a recent cheery little email I received from the Vermont Democratic Party soliciting last minute end of the year contributions.  

2014 a year of persistence?  

Of course there are distinctions between the party and Governor Shumlin’s specific policies. It isn’t all about the Gov. and health care but a wide range of issues.  

The email explains:

The VDP Platform covers a wide range of Democratic values and includes a commitment to economic opportunities for all Vermonters, opposition of outsourcing jobs to other countries, encouragement of tax policies that tackle income inequalities, and addressing climate change by promoting alternative energy.  

It [the platform] also includes an unshakeable dedication to providing affordable and accessible health care coverage to all Vermonters. Despite the obstacles, we are 100% committed to seeing these principles become policy in our state and our country.

So was 2014 a year of persistence?  

In fairness the Governor is often quite persistent. He’s shown remarkable persistence, if not unshakeable dedication, on not raising taxes on high-end earners.  

But in light of the Governor’s year-end retreat on single payer – “Now is not the time for single payer “ – the VDP might want to re-think any claim on persistence.  

I haven’t given in years, so I have no intention to take the VDP up now on the offer to celebrate the end of the year by donating. But time is running out to snark in 2014.

4 thoughts on “A persistent snark

  1. Even if I were a D this little seasonal card was just pure-folly ridiculous.

    OMG they should be run out of office if they can’t right the ship & out of state on a rail if there’s any more shoes to drop.

    Plus addition of shiny new state-of-art Vermont Health Dis-Connect website at a cool $100M (Live-Free-Or-Die NH’s was a mere $8M complete with 5 different competing carriers) VT is on the hook for another non-fed funded $20M but Miller says “nothing massive”.

    The D’s have failed miserably primarily by attempting to merely hold the reins to stay in power & attempting to take over all state functions w/top-down bureaucracies which will be the gifts that keeps on taking.

    Admittedly no money will be saved w/regional supervisory districts or any of the top-down takeover, in fact, also admittedly will likely cost more!

    So what’s all of it for? To further hold us by ankles ensuring every dime we make will shake out of pockets into the big Cha-ching machine coffers which will be bureaucracy on steroids and merely more hungry monsters demanding to be fed.

    Any D’s who not distance themselves from all of this I predict will be voted out by R’s, I’s & L’s in 2016 if the moderates or right can ever wake up to the Juan Valdez & get those kittens herded.

    Good bye VT! I don’t think some of us can afford your collectivist hell any longer. NH is begnning to look like the Promise Land where LPR’s are illegal & no Patriot Act compliance is planned. Oh, just got my app for the new “drvers privilegde card”, the ones used by the illegal aliens, er, “undocumented drivers”.

    Intent is clear — create an underclass of recalcitrants to make it easier to round up when the shitshow comes crashing down.    

  2. is not really a tax but an adjustment to the code which, yes sounds bureaucratese euphemistic but I don’t think it actually is. This way no matter where they turn at least in NE & other attractive states they all have the same type of code & system.

    In fairness the Governor is often quite persistent. He’s shown remarkable persistence, if not unshakeable dedication, on not raising taxes on high-end earners

    Done as minimally as possible as in merely adjusting VT’s tax code by placing it on par & in line w/other states could actually eliminate some unfriendly surprises we the working poor & various levels of middle class are finding we cannot continue to be leveraged by. Hey guess what the ones who pay all the bills & subsidize the poor & wealthy may actually be the ones to flee.

    Legislature finally did something right last session, it was lean clean & infinately fair to all. But Shummy’s rich donor friends would bitch so he killed even that by cooking the books. Amounting to a huge kick in the teeth of the vanishing middle class/working poor as well as another gift to himself & wealthy friends.

    I do believe if it is more then that, yes they will flee. I & ‘other’ are considering a move to NH & not rich by any means. But we’re doing the math & discovering even on a local level we are all still being leveraged by state taxes which are auto-raised yearly.

    Trying to start a business using home equity since home is paid for but VT is out of the f’king question now. Even w/my lean model of like 10 thirty hour a-weekers I cannot trust VT in that future f’king around will not occur. It will be in NH even if we find a way to stay in VT. I am discovering onerous roadblocks so am now glad a deal I was working on fell through.

    If the ones who can’t fairly pay their way to live in our beautiful state want to flee, fine. They’re left with creepy overbuilt backwater-ladens like AL, MS, OK, FL or Chemical aka Cancer Alley, LA. IL & MI also have a “cancer corridor” likely due to the collection of seeping radioactive nuke waste dripping & leaking from the aging clunker power plants into the surrounding waters. I don’t drink the beer from nations beer capitol either for good reason.

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