Merry Xmas

Happy Hanukkah & Seasons Greetings to my friends & frenemies @ GMD.

Not doing anything for Christmas this year. We’re pretty down. The festiveness contrasts against this backdrop & only serves to emphasize the hardship & tragedy around us on all levels, personally as well as world, state & national scene.

Though I nor anyone else for that matter has written about Ferguson & the senseless killing of another unarmed black man in New York — the grief of the families, their friends & our nation have weighed heavily on me & I don’t feel like celebrating anything.

But I do want yalls to know I care deeply about GMD as far apart as we may be politically & hope all is well. Peace.

I wrote to fam & friends to ask that we not exchange gifts this year:

Hi: Just a note to say we are not exchanging gifts for each other this year, or anyone except our children & grandchildren. Please honor our choice & do not send anything but a card – it will be graciously refused, nor do I wish to have any discussion. I am also reminded that it is not about money or gifts however I do not wish to impose this on kids & grandkids. This will also enable me to relax & enjoy the season w/o the pressure of shopping.

Our income and savings have taken a drastic hit, we have lost some savings cushions, we have little disposable income & there are many looming threats due to high taxes, fees & other assorted issues here in VT as well as locally w/much more on the way, as well as a lot of uncertainty.

I don’t do things on the cheap, regift nor do I have the time to incorporate DIY schemes. I need to free up my time to focus on my children, grandchildren, kittycats & household. I love you all very much & hope all is well.

Merry Christmas -sc    

Cheech & Chong – Santa Claus and his Old Lady…

No Room at the Inn — Mahalia Jackson…

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  1. And I DID write about Ferguson and Eric Garner.  But nobody on this site seems to give a shit.  Maybe there are too few blacks up here in Vermont to be courted by the Dem Party.

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