Fairytale in Nukespeak

It’s the holiday season and our astute readers deserve a hearty ho-ho-ho at least once in a while.  When this little gem crossed my desk I knew it was just the thing.

Released in 1966 to sell nuclear energy to a presumably gullible New England public, “Atom & Eve” is a rich repository of political incorrectness and shameless propaganda.  If you’re looking for that perfect ironic Christmas gift, this is the baby for you (copies offered for purchase at the above link.)  

They seem to have been pretty oblivious to the contradictory narrative of what happened when Adam (Atom?) took a bite of that apple!

Have fun with this and see how many examples of “Oh my God!” moments you can identify.  My family was in stitches.

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2 thoughts on “Fairytale in Nukespeak

  1. this was a scream. “The patriarchal voice” was in boring propagandist informational filmstrips we watched at school.

    A bit surprised it hasn’t gotten more attention.

    Once again it shows women as manipulating materialistic household whores bedazzled by all the toys as if this is what she must have to be blissful & behaved. And most of all productive. It’s all for her! One of my exes gave me a pot set for my birthday & got his ears burned. And I’m not even a feminist. What a f’king insult.  

    Remember the old red & white checkered Betty Crockers? Contained the order in which tasks should be done, productivity tips, instructions on how to stand as to shift balance from one foot to the other to avoid strain. How to cook, store and assemble a magnificant several course meal just in case husband decided to bring home a bunch of business contacts w/o telling his poor hardworking wife. It showed a pic of wife looking out the window in alarm as hubby & buds headed for the door. My mother had a cookbook that included service with or wo servants. I would have ordered pizza & charged it to him & poured on the martinis. That should shut them up.  

    I must admit in my ‘suzy homemaker’ days yes I was a bit bedazzled by new appliances but the silky blue ballet babe dancing amongst all this junk is scary.  

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