The GOP has a Chaney around its neck.

Dick Cheney came out slugging in response to the Senate report on torture.  Despite his advancing years, this is classic Cheney: the incarnation of inhumanity that earned him the nickname “Darth Vader” while still in the Bush White House.

As he nears his own Day of Reckoning, one might have expected a glimmer of self-doubt or remorse even from a Neo-con. Instead, unrepentant, he has doubled down on the brutal self-righteousness.  

No Macnamara moment of humble reflection for him!

If he is a “believer,” perhaps it is his plan to storm the gates of heaven and take it by force.

Cheney be damned (as he well might be), this public embrace of the most heinous interrogation practices serves as an excellent reminder of how poorly our national interests were served under Bush stewardship.

And Cheney, himself, hasn’t spared his boss, insisting emphatically that GW knew all about the torture.  

The former President would like us to believe him an innocent, the victim of false information.  Cheney will have none of it; if he’s going down, he’ll be arm in arm with George Walker Bush!

With a third Bush considering a run for the roses,  resurrection of the undead Dick Cheney can be nothing but good news for Democrats.

Republicans can rail against the evidence (and there are mountains of it) but the takeaway will continue to be that the Bush White House did a VERY bad thing.  

The more they protest, the longer the spotlight will shine on that ignoble fact; the longer that conversation dominates the news, the more surely Dick Cheney’s unsupportable position will brand the Republican Party as it tries to broaden its base for 2016.

According to the New York Times, Cheney is more concerned about defending his “legacy” than confronting the truth.  

He didn’t even bother to read the full report before launching an attack on its validity.

When asked repeatedly on Sunday’s Meet the Press  about the use of torture on prisoners who were later determined to be innocent, Cheney refused to address the issue until he finally said:

“I have no problem as long as we achieve our objective.”

Only we didn’t, as the former Vice President knows all too well; unless that objective was to recruit more susceptible young men to jihad.

Athough the U.S. is highly unlikely to hold him accountable for his crimes and taxpayers will continue to pay so that he may live out his days in luxurious lockdown, even a delusional Cheney must recognize that, with this Senate report, he cannot escape the infamous label of “war criminal” as he passes into history.  

No Reagan-esque mantle of revision will drape over his tomb.

Even Republicans won’t be sorry once he’s gone.

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5 thoughts on “The GOP has a Chaney around its neck.

  1. describes all of his empty protestations. I believe there are nations who claim they could legitmately hold certain members of the Bush regime on war crimes as Geneva rules were shredded. I’d dearly love to see them detained in orange until it plays out, Brattleboro VT even has a warrant.

    The man is ill. He appears to thoroughly enjoys  being a complete shithead. Remember telling Leahy to f’k himself on the floor no less, then when called said he should have done it long ago. Dark dude.

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