Skybox at the Apocalypse

If liberals have one blindspot, it lies in our instinctive belief that, deep down inside, everyone wants peace, a healthy planet and a just society.  Even though there are constant reminders that this just ain’t so, we keep trying to appeal to that better nature that must surely be there.

No more fitting reminder of the authentic cynicism that’s out there can be found than in the plan for a luxury Survival Condo built inside a missile silo in Kansas.

Like any new real estate project fishing for buyers, the Luxury Survival Condo website has an enticing tagline:

Peace of Mind Comes With Being Prepared for Anything

Condo units range in price from $1.5-4.5 mil. and promise “security and peace of mind.”  

When construction has been completed, the repurposed silo will have a dome roof that the developers promise will withstand winds of over 500 miles per hour.  Just perfect for riding out the nuclear winter in cozy comfort.

If you are one of the lucky occupants, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the Jacuzzi jets at full power because the Survival Condo will be connected to the grid and also boast a wind turbine, 2 diesel generators and a battery bank for backup.  

(‘Wonder how well a wind turbine will hold up in that 500 mph nuclear wind!)

The first silo is apparently already sold out and work is underway on a second silo conversion.  

If you have an appetite for irony, you can check out the video that was posted by the Weather Channel.  The breathless soundtrack invites us to

Survive the nuclear disaster by riding it out inside a missile silo built to withstand a direct hit!

Now the One-Percent can avoid being inconvenienced by the ultimate consequences of their own hubris.

I guess the idea is to always keep the Land Rover gassed-up and ready to head to Kansas at the first sign of trouble.

When the radiation finally declines and the lid comes off, the only problem will be who’s left to take out the garbage and clean that Jacuzzi.

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One thought on “Skybox at the Apocalypse

  1. I was thinking of Douglas Adams’ alien send-up, “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe,” where, thanks to some fancy space-time hopping, well-heeled diners may safely enjoy a fabulous meal while observing the spectacular light show at the end of everything.

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