Peter Diamondstone

Dirk VanSustern’s column in today’s SUNDAY T/A was a nice profile of Peter Diamondstone who is currently a hospital patient in Brattleboro.  I’ve always appreciated Peter’s participation in Vermont elections and the perspective he brings to the discussion.

But I think this year may have been the first time I have voted for Peter (my husband did too).  In addition to not being able to stomach voting for Shumlin and finding Milne not up to the task – we felt Peter Diamondstone’s elemental assessment of where we’re at and why…and who we should be — was more accurate than the trendy-chic political nonsense that passes for political speech these days.  The man has solid convictions that he lives, as opposed to the charlatan we’re subjected at present.  

If you haven’t read this, give it a look.  Some of you may find his life’s stories refreshing even if you had thought you knew him.  And let’s give the man credit for participating rather than what too often is smug sniping from the sidelines .. which too often appears here and elswehere.  As for me, I’m grateful for Peter Diamondstone’s determined voice, and the authenticity that informs it.…

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