Scott Milne to “lean forward” Monday

This Monday Republican candidate for Governor Scott Milne will reportedly make an announcement regarding his plans. Milne says he is “leaning forward with the campaign” but he will not be leaning far enough forward to lobby legislators for their votes.

So Scott Milne is in it to win, err … he’s in it to …eh what exactly is his quest?

“Clearly, if I knew I wanted out I would have got out on Nov. 5th,” he said. “There’s still a possibility I might not go forward, although I think it’s unlikely.”

On Election Day Milne lost by 2,434 votes but has refused to concede. And due to the closeness of the vote the legislature will cast secret ballots next month to decide who won. Traditionally the legislature has voted for the top vote getter. Former governor Jim Douglas sternly warned him off lobbying legislators’ votes and Lt. Gov. Phil Scott has said he will follow legislative tradition and vote for the top vote getter — Shumlin.

Despite these significant setbacks Milne notes encouragingly that “very few people have suggested that I don’t go forward,” and believes he is a better candidate than Shumlin. However his attempts, at least so far, to explain what strategy he might use to get the heavily Democratic/Progressive legislature to vote him in as governor are notably vague. He has ruled out lobbying legislators and asking them to vote the way their district did.

So on Monday those few still watching will find out what strategy the ongoing Milne campaign for Vermont governor will take and how aggressively he will lean forward.

6 thoughts on “Scott Milne to “lean forward” Monday

  1. As dear Antonin might say, we don’t want to be casting a cloud on what he considers to be the legitimacy of his election.

  2. I could almost vote for a Republican capable of “leaning forward.” However, I seriously doubt lifetime will afford such an opportunity.

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