of the middle class & working poor caused by Shummy shmoozing with his rich VT friends & wealthy out-of-staters as well as his rightwing old-boy club makes him no different than a rightwinger while consigning his base to the bottom of the barrel.

This is why I opposed Douglas & voted against protege Dubie. He is not “teachable” or he would have waited for a possible recount & respected the democratic process to play itself out in the statehouse but instead siezed control though Milne did not concede.

Aside from already being a lawbreaker by dismissively ignoring in statute the law requiring him to release the information needed by the lawmakers to work on the requirements of Act 48 — now this. He has shown his disdain for the rule of law and as such has no business representing those of us who are expected to abide by the same.

Oh, sorry I forgot. With a vetoproof he apparently gets to break the law in VT. Must be a new custom. Forgive me I didn’t get that memo.

4 thoughts on “Ruination

  1. Good for you, Stardust.

    And just for you, I will soon be posting my ‘analysis’ of the ongoing ‘Bill Cosby Rapes ‘Em All’ story.

    I knew about Cosby’s escapades, as all of us should have, decades ago.  But they were brushed aside because he’s so ‘beloved’.

    However, stardust–Think of the real racism here.  Not me calling Obama President Huxtable, but the fact that this story is taking off just as we approach the verdict in Ferguson, and also on the heels of a great Republican victory on Nov. 7–Republicans who will fight Obama on Immigration and anything else decent he tries to do til 2017.

    Cosby/Obama–One who rapes women and one who, according to the Republican Congress, rapes the Constitution.  And Cosby will not be able to comment on Ferguson, or anything else.  And Obama will not be able to comment much while this Cosby story takes over, like a Weapon of Mass Distraction.

    Hell, I knew Cosby was just like–or maybe worse than–Bill Clinton, but the timing of this should be very suspect.  It’s almost like Ken Starr’s surprises.

    Don’t get me wrong–Cosby, like OJ, is guilty, and should suffer or apologize, abjectly, and try to make amends.  But I do have some jokes about it:

    BREAKING…Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin Both Come Forward To Accuse Cosby…Oh Wow!–This Just In…Kim Kardashian Comes Forward…And Oh, Double Wow…The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders All Come Forward…Holy Sheepshit…Both Monica And Hilary Come Forward…Wait For More Updates On This Developing Story…Our Sources Tell Us That Saudi Sheiks Have Virgins Who Will Be Coming Forward On Cosby…Stay Tuned…Back To You, Real World…

    And don’t you dare call me a sexist, stardust.  Remember, I’m a RACIST.

  2. Bring it as only you and the realists can. Overwhelmed by the collectivist vicegrip. Though still independent & primarily liberty-leaning am taking corrective action – a sharp right turn in hope of avoiding the abyss of rock bottom our household is staring into. Others are far worse all are getting hammered except the upper mddle class, wealthy, rulers propped up & in thrall to their overlords – corporate reichocracy & subjects.

    Leverage of the exorbitant cost of health care & taxation is affecting all. Someone has to pay the bills & it comes in the form of ever increasing costs of everything. Stagnant wages due to employers unable to keep up with the cost of living has the entire middle class reeling. Those of us working on the lower end are getting crushed. Hence the damning election results. VT house & congressional house flipping to majority ought to send a message to our newly shellacked fearless leaders.

    Many including our tiny pinprick on the map are looking at selling out & using home equity just to survive the cratering economy. I feel oddly fortunate as I watch others who have fallen on hard times losing everything.

    On state & national level, breathtakingly astonished at the shoulder shrugging, glossing of the glaring errors, neverending directive to ‘move along, nothing to see here’ and new promises layered upon old broken promises that everything is going to get better once we cross ths bridge to nowhere which supposedly ends at the emerald city of single payer which will magically appear to fix everything and usher in the utopian paradise. Check me off as unconvinced – the crooks, liars & all their lies run the show as our rulers continue to claim all is well & everything is going just as scheduled. The nightmarish neverending nothingburgers got old real quick.

    House is on fire while the arsonists run the show and residents seem to be saying ‘smoke, what smoke – we don’t see any flames’ … The rough & tumble abusive love affair with the jackasses & jokers who are burning down the house is over. We have been burned by those who were entrusted to do the business of the ppl but only enrched themselves on our dime.

    Sorry PS but the fire needs to be put out & personally just do not care who or what the political affiliation of the firemen is. The train is being driven over a cliff b/c our fearless leaders are asleep @ the switch. Our state & nation are hemmoraging. We need an army of doctors to stop the bleeding, an army of water hose-wielding firemen to put out the fire and a steady hand on the wheel to stear us away from the cliff.

    Those who have no problem with the current stream of immigrants marching across the border should put the money where mouth is, prove their empathy and adopt or sponsor each one as it is us who will be paying with our purses while losing our jobs. Sorry I for one can’t afford to.  

    Gridlock of our fearless leaders too busy merely holding the reins of power to actually do anything is an outrage. Shitcan them, they all make me sick. The moderate leaders on the right may as well be herding kittens and too busy scampering all over the map & f’king up whatever they say, do or put their hand to.

    ‘Other’ says nothing has changed, it’s always been like this shut up & deal with it.

    I must say though I have always consdered Cosby nothing more than another uncle tom I was shocked at the level of criminalty & cruelty this waste of skin is capable of. And they’re still coming out at what seems to be on a daily basis. Appears as they witness others who also were afraid of this kindly father figure who turned out to have broken the sexual predator creepometer they are now coming forth. How many more of our role models are in actuality destroying nnocent lives.

    His selfrighteous lecturing of the downtrodden and unpriveliged of his own ppl, hip-hoppers & rappers spitting the reality, & truth of a generation surpassing even the misery & hard times of the previous generation of castaways we now see is an act designed to secure the approval of get-off-my-lawn white middle class snobs.

    Cosby can now be seen though his hypocritical and phony facade created solely to hide a manipulating preadatory con artist and serial abuser. He should be in jail just as those he condemns & criicizes wh are dong hard time at the Graybar for far less.  

    I thought it was JJ from Good Times that was ‘hey hey hey’ but admit life becomes a blur, fortunately I have forgotten more than I have remembered which is probably a good thing.          

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