Milne rallies his tropes

 Scott Milne seems to have latched onto a crazy idea. VPR reports:

[Milne] said it’s even possible the votes were counted wrong, and his 2,000-vote deficit could turn into a win in a recount.

"It's plausible, clearly. What we're saying is we're leaving all the options on the table, we're listening to folks, and we'll come up with a plan." – GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Milne, on the possibility of a recount.


Does he think, “That's so crazy, it just might work!"?  That’s the stock TV/movie trope that occurs in ‘B’ sci-fi and adventure stories. In this trope a character or group that finds themselves in a fast moving, difficult situation with no solution easily at hand will desperately seize on a nonsensical plan and declare “That's so crazy, it just might work!"  And only in the movies and TV shows does it ever work.  

So Scott Milne thinks it is plausible that he can make up a two-thousand vote shortfall in a recount, or barring that, he and a few Republican legislative supporters can persuade the Democratic-majority legislature to install him as Governor. I suppose in a move  akin to Mitch McConnell’s pledge to see to it that Obama fails, he could be planning an aggressive VTGOP strategy, one designed to cast a shadow over Shumlin’s next term and set the stage to win the governorship in 2016.

But there are no Karl Rove style strategists in evidence at his campaign. Milne for Vermont’s staff was made up of the candidate’s immediate family and perhaps five paid staffers. So that strategy seems unlikely given Milne’s past performance.  

Milne is a political novice after all. He awkwardly began his campaign by telling a story about rabbit breeding to an uneasy crowd and continued on a stumbling learning curve. In September his newly hired campaign manager the VTGOP’s man Brent Burns left under a cloud with no explanation about why, saying only, "All the rest is between Scott and I.”. Following that there were reports that the former newspaper editor he hired to write press releases and do research had been fired from a previous job for making up stories.  

Following the claim it is plausible to win a recount, Milne says, “we’ll come up with a plan.” Maybe, after doing better than expected or just angry at losing, he has convinced himself that there is a plan out there just crazy enough to work.

But I’d bet that only on TV or in a ‘B’ movie would it make him Governor.  

One thought on “Milne rallies his tropes

  1. I can just imagine them saying, “You came so close…so close…”  

    It would be wasted on such an intimate group to point out that he really didn’t come close at all; because it was Shumlin himself who was walking backwards all the time allowing Milne to appear to have come in a close second.

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