Scott Milne’s Press Conference (w/approx 2,000 votes outstanding)

Scott Milne planned a press conference this morning. He then canceled it. Prior to canceling direct communication with the press and Vermonters, Mr. Milne was expected to acknowledge the fact that Governor Peter Shumlin won an incontestable plurality of the votes.

Given the fact that Governor Shumlin was the first choice of the Vermont voters, Mr. Milne was expected to concede the election he lost. He was also expected to confirm that he will not campaign for a legislative second-place elevation into the Governor's office. Instead Mr. Milne was going to acknowledge and accept the fact that the General Assembly will affirm Governor Shumlin's reelection in January 2015.

Then came a last minute change of heart. Later this morning, Mr. Milne's campaign stated that he “owed” it to Vermonters to see the final totals before his campaign makes any further statements.

Translation of the Milne campaign statement (as of the time of Mr. Milne's press conference about-face):

“As of early this morning, Governor Shumlin leads by over 2,000 votes.  With another 1,500 to 2,000 votes to be counted, I owe it to Vermonters to see the final count. I will therefore wait to see whether I receive 200% to 300% of the outstanding votes, I will wait to see whether Governor Shumlin receives anywhere between 2,000 to 3,000 negative votes.”  I owe it to Vermonters to wait for this potential outcome.

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2 thoughts on “Scott Milne’s Press Conference (w/approx 2,000 votes outstanding)

  1. By noon today, 100% of Vermont’s precincts reported. Governor Shumlin won a plurality of the vote by a margin of approx. 2,100 votes.

    Result — in the hours between announcing his morning press conference and then de-announcing his morning press conference, Mr. Milne did not win a significant excess of 100% of a few outstanding votes. Also, in that brief period, Governor Shumlin did not tally a few thousand negative votes. In fact, there is no such thing as a “negative vote,” but don’t tell the Republicans.

    Bottom line:

    1. Governor Shumlin wins election as the first choice of Vermont voters.

    2. Mr. Milne came in second place.

    I expect the General Assembly (and Mr. Milne) to respect the clear first choice of Vermont’s voters.

  2. How about if he has major Milne campaign contributor and business partner David Boise III argue for a recount?

    I understand that family has had some experience with such things-without success.


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