Feliciano Costs Republicans the Governorship

With 96.16% of the vote in, it appears that having two Republicans on the ticket has cost the Vermont GOP the governorship.  Dan Feliciano’s 4.37% of the vote total would have given Scott Milne a victory over Peter Shumlin.

In a deeply blue state, Peter Shumlin should look at these results as a strong rebuke to his performance as governor (hint…. VT Health Connect) and personality (hint… the shady land deal with his impoverished neighbor).

Combined with Phil Scott’s resounding defeat of Dean Corren, Democrat’s should be very wary of their hold on power.  If Republicans should ever resolve their fixation with damning immigrants, gay and lesbians, and anyone else who looks to be not white and male, the Democrats could quickly find themselves out of favor.

One thought on “Feliciano Costs Republicans the Governorship

  1. petition link:


    Thousands Of Dissatisfied Vermonters Urge Lawmakers To Oust Shumlin

    By TAYLOR DOBBS • NOV 7, 2014

    More than 2,500 people have signed an online petition calling on the state Legislature to select Republican Scott Milne as governor of Vermont despite that fact that unofficial results show he received about 2,000 fewer votes than Gov. Peter Shumlin.


    Milne Supporters Take Campaign To Lawmakers


    The election may be over. But the campaign for governor continues.

    While the time for convincing voters has passed, Republican Scott Milne and his supporters are taking his case to legislators.

    Marylou Wells is done with Gov. Peter Shumlin. And she’d like the Legislature to dispatch with him on her behalf.


    Shumlin is in fact a lawbreaker and therefore criminal for not releasing the required information re his plan for single payer to Vermonters and lawmakers which is in statute. Witholding them for two years (should be a red flag for every voter) until the election cycle is ended is the height of arrogance, he is in fact shitting on us all. He and Lunge lied when they said they were not seeking to add Medicare when in fact it has been revealed that they could not get a waiver from Washington & CMS blocked it. The website was shut down b/c the feds threatened to take it down as it threatened the security of the federal website. They sat on this knowledge starting in June. They are now saying it may still be a problem when OE begins inabout a week after saying it was fixed plus a new $20 million deficit whch VTer may be on the hook for. VPR has lots of stories.  

    He dismissively defends everything he does, does as he pleases w/no account to anyone as we have seen him and his friends at VHC and Green Mtn Care keep VTers in the dark. They all lie like a rug and therfore cannot be trusted.

    Once a leader loses public trust to this extent they should step down. His speaches as well as acknowledgements of errors & plans do do better ring hollow. Those whose job performance is displayed thusly are fired and so should he.  

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