The Eric Davis Challenge

I would be happy to wager a drink (double bourbon) against any and all on the following Vermont Election Day predictions.  Closest one, per race, wins.  Any takers?


52% Shumlin-Democrat

40.5% Milne-Republican

5.2% Feliciano-Libertarian (Libertarian Party Wins Major Party Status)

1% Payton-Independent

0.5% Diomondstone-Liberty Union

0.4% Cris Ericson-Really Crazy

0.4% The Other Bernie-Independent

Lt Gov:

66.1% Scott-Republican

33.6% Corren-Progressive

0.3% Brown-Liberty Union

Secretary of State:

85.6% Condos-Democrat

8.4% Eastwood-Progressive

6% Herbert-Liberty Union (Liberty Union Retains Major Party Status)


90% Pearse-Democrat

7.5% Schramm-Progressive

2.5% Ngoima-Liberty Union


99% Hoffer-Progressive/Democrat

1% or less, Write-In

Attorney General:

58% Sorrell-Democrat

39% McCormack-Republican

3% Jackowski-Liberty Union

U.S. House of Representatives:

72.3% Welch-Democrat

24.1% Donka-Republican

1% Jerry Trudell-Energy Independence

0.9% Andrews-Liberty Union

0.8% Cris Ericson-Really Crazy (Again)

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