My Final Thoughts Before Election Day

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The hard work of many candidates during this election has been admirable. These times call for serious leaders, those who are willing to stand up against fear- not those who use it to win elections. These are tough economic times, but we have turned the corner in many parts of our economy and I’m proud to have worked to bring jobs and economic progress to our region. I’m asking for another two years in the Vermont House so that I can continue to be an effective advocate for our future success.

The opening of the parking garage was a milestone on the long road to revitalization and is proof of what we can do when we work together toward common goals as a community. The word “affordable” has been tossed around by those who think that the investments we are responsible for in our children, in our health, and in infrastructure should be shirked so that we can push them on to another generation. Austerity in these areas would be the death of our long-term economic development. While we can’t spend our way out of recession, we can and have worked to build public-private partnerships where smart investments lead to jobs in our region.

There are irresponsible candidates this year who make the claim that Democrats are trying to take away Medicare benefits. This claim is preposterous. It’s the kind of falsehood that confuses voters and casts doubt. There are plenty of concerns about the future of healthcare in Vermont, but cutting benefits to seniors is not one of them. Why would the party who has worked to expand healthcare affordability and accessibility to all take away Medicare benefits? We recently passed legislation clarifying that Vermont’s Green Mountain Care would not “take over” Medicare and cut benefits.

I want my daughter to grow up in a Vermont with good schools, with strong communities and a growing economy. Those who use fear as their ally are trying to convince us that if we tighten our belts things will get better. Things get better when we share our talents, our wealth and our hope so that we can build a better future. It’s not surprising that these candidates have been supported by out of state interests who will profit when they cut programs we rely on, continue policies that keep wages down and lower taxes for the wealthy.

So, let’s say the worst happens on Tuesday and the politics of fear prevail. The handful of candidates who make it to Montpelier on promises to slash budgets across the board, stop healthcare reform and shut down critical parts of government are going to have a hard time making good on these overblown promises. Being an effective legislator is a lot less about the “fight” of the campaign and a lot more about compromise, deal-making and listening.

I trust that years of service in this community won’t be traded in for a cheap future. We all want to live in a Vermont where we pass a quality of life and community values from generation to generation. On Tuesday, don’t sell our future out cheap. Let’s find truly affordable ways to move beyond these challenging times- policies that work.

We can change the way we finance our schools and our healthcare so that we can provide better services at a lower cost. We can repower our state, and our nation so that we no longer have to rely on dirty, dangerous energy. Our future belongs to those who embrace hope, not fear. I believe in this community and this state. Let’s find real solutions and keep our community rolling forward. We can’t afford not to.

Representative Mike McCarthy

Saint Albans

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  1. You are the kind of progressive minded forward thinking leader we need in Montpelier. I hope the folks in St Albans appreciate what they have and send you back for another term.

    Good luck

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