Party Unity My Ass?

Here's a pre-election quiz for you.

 Which of the following is trying to reduce the Democratic majority in the Senate?

a. Republican Party chair David Sunderland.

b. Republican Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott.

c. Democratic Senator Dick Mazza.


Okay, it was a trick question. The answer is (d), all of the above.

Yes, Dick Mazza, We've had diaries about him here before, because this is far from the first time that he's taken the other side in important elections. For instance four years ago, when Peter Shumlin was in his first run for governor, Mazza gave his support and real estate to Brian Dubie. This year, Mazza is one of a trio of conservative Senate Democrats supporting Phil Scott in his reelection effort for Lite Gov.

And now there's this. The election is the day after tomorrow and Mazza has kindly provided a quote in Pat McDonald's Times Argus ad for her Washington County Senate campaign, a campaign in which she is challenging the two Democratic incumbents, Ann Cummings and Anthony Pollina. (No, I'm not linking to the other side's political ads.) The Washington County Senate race is getting a lot of attention because some observers see it as one of the Republicans' best chances to pick up a Senate seat and chip away at the Democratic majority. It remains to be seen whether McDonald can get enough support outside of her base in the “B” towns (Barre City, Barre Town, and Berlin) to win the election, but who wants to take that chance?

 It's no secret where my loyalties lie. I'm the chair of the Washington County Democrats and I spend my time working to elect Democratic candidates and trying to get other Washington County Democrats to get out and support our candidates as well. When we have an office holder from Colchester, who is getting support from the state and local parties in his reelection campaign, reaching out to Washington County, supporting Republicans, and attacking the Democratic majority, that's just wrong.

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