Vote Pollina For Washington County Senate

     As a resident of Moretown, this election I am voting Anthony Pollina for Washington County Senate.  I have known Anthony for over a decade, and during that time I am yet to meet a Vermonter more dedicated to addressing the needs of working people and our family farms.  Before he was elected to the State Senate in 2010, Anthony was an organizer with the Northeast Organic Farming Association, he founded Rural Vermont & the Dairy Farmers of Vermont, and even received the endorsement of the Gun Owners of Vermont & the Abenaki Nation when he ran for Governor in 2008. In this election he has been endorsed by the Vermont AFL-CIO, the Vermont State Employees’ Association, and the Vermont Sierra Club.

    Since we elected him to the State Senate in 2010 Anthony has passionately advocated for affordable public healthcare, livable wage jobs, earned sick days for all workers, the right to form a labor union, support for our farmers, and progressive taxation (making the rich pay more and working people pay less).  Anthony’s values in the Senate are reflected in the passing of healthcare reform (a commitment to single payer in 2017), the creation of the best minimum wage in the country, expansion of the right to form a labor union to 10,000 new Vermonters (home health & childcare workers), and passage of the GMO labeling bill.  While these are strong accomplishments, the work is not done. Anthony therefore continues to support legislation that would create a State Bank.  Creating a State Bank would allow us to reinvest our tax revenue in local projects aimed at the public good, as opposed to a means for big bankers to profit off our hard-earned money.  

    In a word, Anthony gets it. He has always put Vermont above Wall Street, and that is why, once again, my family and I are voting for Anthony Pollina this November.   If you agree that Washington County needs a person in Montpelier who understands our struggles and is willing to fight for them, especially when it comes to healthcare, pay, housing, and progressive taxation, I invite you to also vote for Anthony Pollina for Washington County Senate on November 4th.  

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