VCV Endorses Dean Corren

I proudly serve on the board of the Vermont Conservation Voters which today announced its endorsement of Dean Corren for Lieutenant Governor.

“Dean Corren’s career-long commitment to creatively and aggressively tackling environmental challenges like climate change would bring a refreshing new focus to these issues from the Lieutenant Governor’s office,” said Lauren Hierl, political director for Vermont Conservation Voters.

If Vermont aims to be the vanguard of environmental initiative and innovation, doesn’t it make more sense to have a Lieutenant Governor who actually walks the walk?

“With Corren’s expertise on renewable energy – including his development of new technologies to capture clean energy from natural water flows – he understands that Vermont can position itself to lead on solutions to climate change. These solutions represent a `win-win’ for our planet and our economy,” she said, “and no-one knows that better than Dean Corren.”

Phil Scott may be a “nice guy,” but he’s built his popularity by burning gas (on the race track) rather than conserving it.  

If Corren is elected we may finally be able to answer the perennial question, “but what exactly does the Lieutenant Governor do?”

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