Silly Skipper Swings and Misses Sanders

While Bernie is doing the right thing in DC, the ever pathetic Skip Vallee is trying to grab a little attention by harassing him about his wife’s severance pay from Burlington College.

I think referring to Skip Vallee as Bernie’s “nemesis” is pretty wide of the mark.  He’s more of a persistent oily carbuncle.

Mr. Vallee apparently doesn’t think women count as individuals.  He repeatedly calls on Bernie to return his wife’s severance pay (which would pale by comparison to that of any of Vallee’s own high rolling friends).

It isn’t Bernie’s money to begin with.  If Mr. Vallee had been paying any attention, he would have observed that the two Sanders’ maintain very separate careers (and more than likely) finances.

All Mr. Vallee has succeeded in doing here is demonstrating what a petty and chauvinistic fossil he is.

If Mr. Vallee wants to help Burlington College, why doesn’t he do so himself?  

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3 thoughts on “Silly Skipper Swings and Misses Sanders

  1. Frankly, Skippy is about maxed out on his benevolence to Chittenden County and Franklin too…

    First there was the Skip Vallee Library…  no wait, that was Andrew someone

    The Skip Vallee children’s wing of the hospital?   errrrr   no

    The homeless shelter in St Albans??   ahhhhh   no

    Wait,  surely he has endowed a chair at UVM….  well,  I guess not…

    Skip is a shining example of a horses ass.   He charges an extra 20 cents a gallon for gas from Rutland County to Chittenden County, and puts the cash into his ill fitting cheap suited slime ball savings account.   Skip is the kind of guy who gives wealth a bad name.  

    Unlike the people who actually earned their wealth, like that Carnegie guy, since skippy basically got the hand down from prior people who actually built the business, he is too greedy to pass anything around to the underlings.  

    Sorry Mr Horse, I didn’t mean to slam your hind quarters so profoundly by comparing them to …….  well, you get the picture.

  2. What got me was the concept that Skip Vallee was accusing Bernie of  … wait for it … hypocrisy!

    As if Skip Vallee citing environmental concern in his opposition to Costco opening a gas station at the top of the hill on the Colchester-Winooski town line weren’t so deeply hypocritical as to elicit guffaws in observers.

    The difference is that Bernie’s trying to help people who actually work for a living and live at and below the median income. It makes no difference that, as Sue pointed out, his wife got a moderate severance package. Bernie’s no Roosevelt – for one thing, he for sure doesn’t come from money – but Roosevelt’s class peers hated him for being a “class traitor,” for biting into their fortunes with taxes to help support regular working folks in the middle of the first Great Depression.

    So Vallee hates Bernie for humiliating him politically and for calling out his economic class peers for their greed. Pathetic. Whiny. Makes me so glad so few Vermonters were fooled into voting for him. Makes me want to wash the hand he grabbed in a campaign appearance in rubbing alcohol, and then peroxide. Ugh.


    In the last analysis, politics is not predictions and politics is not observations. Politics is what we do. Politics is what we do, politics is what we create, by what we work for, by what we hope for and what we dare to imagine. ~ Senator Paul Wellstone

  3. “All Mr. Vallee has succeeded in doing here is demonstrating what a petty and chauvinistic fossil he is.”

    You say that as if it were a bad thing.  Among his kind (rich, psychopathic Republicans), that’s a huge selling point!

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