No bottom to this elevator shaft

Did you notice the story in this morning's Free Press about how Brent Burns is no longer managing Scott Milne's gubernatorial campaign?

The strong implication is that what little money Milne has raised, possibly including the $25,000 he's already loaned himself, is all gone, and it's hard to keep employees on the payroll when there's no payroll.

Eric Davis, the Sage of Middlebury, opined that without any money left the Milne campaign is going to have to depend on “free media”.

But you see, there's a problem with that. Free media, sometimes referred to as “earned media” depends on having a candidate do things that will attract attention, and unlike Dan Feliciano Milne has also fallen short on this aspect of the campaign.

 At least Feliciano has gotten it together to get some press coverage (“earned media”, get it?) by holding a press conference this week. By contrast, and I'm sure he's had his reasons, Milne decided to pass up a golden opportunity at free media by skipping at least one pre-primary debate. He said he didn't want to debate candidates who will be opposing the Republican candidate after the primary, but in case he hasn't noticed, now that the primary's over he is going up against what? A candidate who opposes the Republican candidate.

 Before he put in his papers, people were speculating that the Republicans might not have anyone at the top of the ticket this year. Now, they've got to be wondering if anybody could tell the difference.

3 thoughts on “No bottom to this elevator shaft

  1. You likely wrote this piece last night (Tuesday) and set it to post today. The story was in Tuesday’s Free Press, as I mentioned yesterday in a comment on JV’s Jim Douglas accusation piece.

    Minor niggle, especially since you provided the link. But just in case these things matter …


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