50 Years–Same Old (for my FAN, Peter Hirschfeld*)

Chaney, and the 2 Jews, Goodman and Schwerner–1964. (NATIONWIDE OUTRAGE!)

Michael Brown–50 years later.  (Michael who?  Is he a basketball player?)

Hmmmm…Listen to THE SILENCE OF THE LEFT.  Hear it?  Maybe Michael Brown was Jewish? (Evil Israeli?) Nah.  However, if he were a Palestinian, the leftie lib-er-al vigil guerrillas would have jumped all over it.  Candlewax all over the place.

The WHITE Leftie Lib-er-als no doubt are still waiting on the grand jury investigation?  Boy, I’ll bet that will be a real classic.  Remember the Warren Commission Report in ’65?

This is what makes for my foul politically incorrect mood.  50 fucking years of white lib-er-als marginalizing blacks and workers and women and…etc.  How else can there exist in Ferguson a situation where only 3 of 53 cops are black, and only 1 of 6 city council members is black?  And how is it all across the nation?  Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act thrown away.  Maybe American blacks should move to GAZA to get some attention.

And yes, back in the Civil Rights Movement of the sixties, JEWS were at the forefront.  And in the Anti-War Movement too.  No longer.  White Leftie Lib-er-al activists have marginalized American Jews also, with their EVIL ISRAEL signs at marches and rallies.



Nation of sheep, ruled by wolves, owned by Pigs.

Peter Buknatski

Montpelier (Sensitiveville), Vt.

*(Peter–I want you folks at VPR to pay attention to Rosmarie Jackowski’s run for AG this time.  Sorrell is both the wolf and the pig.  Thank you for your gracious comments today.  Glad someone is reading my lib-er-al bashing here.  Not just talking to myself.)

2 thoughts on “50 Years–Same Old (for my FAN, Peter Hirschfeld*)

  1. Andrew Bacevich:  “Pick the group:  blacks, Jews, women, Asians, Hispanics, working stiffs, gays, the handicapped — in every case, the impetus for providing equal access to the rights guaranteed by the Constitution originated among pinks, lefties, liberals, and bleeding-heart fellow travelers.  When it came to ensuring that every American should get a fair shake, the contribution of modern conservatism has been essentially nil.  Had Martin Luther King counted onn William F. Buckley and the National Review to take up the fight against racial segregation in the 50’s and 60’s, Jim Crow would still be alive and well.”

    Here’s how I see it.  

    Fifty years later the left appears too busy looking admiringly in the mirror, playing with likeminded cohorts (the term “dittohead” isn’t exclusive to Rush Limbaugh) and adding to their hoard of material e-gadgets and/or being seen as progressive by trying to save the planet by mouthing Renewables Now! without understanding the right way to do it.  

    Meanwhile, the right continues its priorities of battling against a black man as president, women’s right to control their own bodies, while supporting every yahoo’s right to brandish a gun to elevate his relevance in his tribe and panicking over how to fight off the Tea Party in their lame attempt to regain ascendency in a dysfunctional Congress.  Or…should they be more like the Tea Party–hmmm.

    A plague on both their houses.  The Earth, its habitats and non-human inhabitants are my priority.  As Wendell Berry says, “I stand for what I stand on.”  These “constituents” are on the bottom of the priority pile of both above-mentioned groups’ unfortunately.  We are a narcissistic, short-sighted civilization that can’t control our impulses and think ourselves the center of the universe.  We are the species most deserving of extinction yet we’ll kill all others to preserve our precious selves.  The creatures who are ‘doing it right’ both human and otherwise — those who live respectfully on this earth — are SOL.  Today’s environmental mainstream groups (with a few exceptions) have sold their souls and don’t have the consciousness to realize it.  

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