Did pigs just fly?

‘Just a little opportunity for a surreal chuckle in the fact that Progressive Doug Hoffer won not only the Progressive and Democratic primaries, but also the Republican primary!

It is worthy of special note, even in Vermont, when a Progressive candidate can be said to have “won” all three primaries.

Yes, I know he holds the seat as a Democrat/Progressive, but his roots are well known, and it really is more fun this way.

What must the red states think of Vermont’s failure to muster?

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6 thoughts on “Did pigs just fly?

  1. is its growing ability to adapt strategically by selectively embracing coalition with Progressives, who remain separate.

    Given the overwhelming strength of the Dems in Vermont, it would have been easy for them to develop the affliction of hubris that says “my way or the highway,” when it comes to associative politics.

    This is something the national Republicans still haven’t learned, even after choking on their Tea Party glut.  

    Not content to leave the far right to break away and form its own separate party, the GOP has been overwhelmed from its fringy flanks and forced to surrender any middle ground.

    The end result is a party that is totally incapable of compromise or collaboration and therefore doomed ultimately to extinction.

  2. And even the Vermont Liberty Union Party is not running a candidate against Doug!  I am thinking we can call this one early.  Only question I have is will he hit the 98% mark?  Anyone want to take an over/under bet on that one?

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