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(Inspired by the death of two chess players at the Chess Olympics in Norway (Dangerous Game).  Also inspired by the fact that nobody seems to give a shit about Michael Brown.  The cop probably won’t be indicted.  Shelly Frey is still dead from Dec., 2012, and nobody cared about her.  Cops and Security Thugs seem to be able to kill Blacks lately as though they had a license to do so.  Are they pissed about Obama?  Or is it a secret police pogrom?  Also, this will get a few of you PC folks (you know who you are) on GMD wired enough to pay attention because of my ‘racist’ spin.  Enjoy.)


It has been confirmed just now that two black teenagers were killed and five other black teenagers wounded when Ferguson police opened fire on about two dozen black youths engaged in an all day ‘Chess Marathon’ in the Ferguson Municipal Park.

Ferguson town spokesperson Hamash Isis explained:  “These black kids were up to no good all day playing chess in a loud and suggestive manner, as if they were planning crimes.  It was very suspicious.  It’s up to law enforcement all over the country to take proactive preventive action before crimes can be committed.  We have seen other cases of police proactive preventive action across the country in recent years, and we here in Ferguson applaud those peace officers in their campaign to prevent crime.”

When asked what chess had to do with crime, Isis replied:  “These black kids were just being smart asses, flaunting the fact that they were not working at jobs all day.  When you see black teenagers gathered together in a group like that, you just know that they’re going to go out later and hold up a store or a gas station.  To get more goddamn money for chess.  This chess stuff has been creeping up all over the nation among black kids with too much time on their hands.  It’s what I would call a chess epidemic.  Law abiding citizens look to the police to protect them from this new crime wave, and we here in Ferguson are proud that our officers acted before these kids went on a chessed-up crazed rampage.”

Isis also stated that an unnamed nation-wide police network has put out bulletins alerting law enforcement to also watch out for black youths loitering in the streets and on public benches reading books.  “They’re probably reading about how to commit crimes.  We have just set up a hot line here to the Ferguson PD so folks can call if they see black kids behaving suspiciously.  The number is: 1-BLACKBOOKS.  I know some of the lib-er-als will think we here in Ferguson are racially profiling, but we welcome President Obama to come here and take a walk with us down the streets of Ferguson.  He has a job.  Why can’t these kids get jobs?  I mean, get real.  The police of America have the license to act in the public interest.  It’s not racism, it’s crime prevention.  And, mark my words, if police are not allowed to prevent crime before it happens, the next thing you’ll see is gangs of black youths walking around passing out poems they’ve written when they should have been working.  And what, I ask you, do you think those poems will be about?  Thank you.  No more questions.  I think I’ve made it clear how things stand here in Ferguson.  Why don’t you go out and bust some dirty rich Jew’s chops about Gaza?  That’s where your real story is.”

Peter Buknatski

Montpelier, Vt.

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